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A $799 price just made this high-resolution Sigma a reasonable mirrorless choice

sigma sd quattro gets low price mirrorless 8
Sigma may be known more for its lenses, but a surprising price drop on the company’s latest mirrorless cameras, the Quattro and Quattro H, could change that.

Teasing with the details earlier in February, Sigma released the pricing and availability of the new mirrorless models earlier today. The 39-megapixel SD Quattro appears to be the replacement for the 2012 SD1 Merrill. That model was released at a pricey $2,300. But the SD Quattro? That’s coming in at a $799 list price, or $999 with a 30mm f/1.4 art lens.

With such a big price drop, that positions the Quattro as a viable option for mirrorless shooters, considering it sports an APS-C sensor. The camera also uses a nine-point autofocus. The 3.6 fps RAW burst speed isn’t the best around (and that’s probably because it has a higher resolution than most), but it does come with a 14-shot buffer. The camera’s magnesium alloy build is also weather-sealed.

“The cameras are truly exciting and showcase some great advances including a new mirrorless design, updated auto-focusing system, a rugged build, and paired with our renowned 30mm 1.4 Art lens, make for an extraordinary pair.” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America.

The SD Quattro H is almost identical to the Quattro, but has more megapixels at 51. That megapixel boost makes the RAW images from the H measure 6,192 x 4,152 while the less expensive version has 5,424 x 3,616. The price for the H is not yet available.

The Sigma SD Quattro is expected to hit shelves next month.

Along with the price and release date for the Quattro, Sigma also shared additional details on the EF-630 external flash. The company’s latest flash, it features a new docking station, so users can update the flash with a computer. The flash includes a high-speed sync mode and wide-angle illumination. The Sigma mount will be available in July for $379, with models compatible with Nikon, Canon, and other manufacturers expected to arrive at a later date.

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