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A bit larger than a smartphone, Sony mobile projector creates a 120-inch screen

Sony MP-CD1
Sony’s latest projector may be only slightly larger than a smartphone, but the new Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector can project up to a 120-inch display. Announced on January 9 at the Consumer Electronics Show, the portable projector is being toted as a tool for viewing anything from business meetings to family movie night.

The Sony MP-CD1 weighs just 9.9 ounces. Measuring 3.3 by 0.63 by 5.9 inches, the projector resembles the size of a larger smartphone but with a thicker profile. Wrapped in an aluminum body, the projector uses a standard tripod mount for more projection options, including ceiling projections. Sony says minimizing heat production was essential to enabling the projector’s small form factor, but that the built-in fan is also designed to reduce noise while watching movies.

The projector only needs less than twelve feet to achieve the maximum 120-inch projection size, with a resolution of 854 by 480. A dynamic mode boosts the projection’s brightness and saturation. If the projection surface isn’t flat, auto keystone correction allows the system to compensate by correcting the image to eliminate that odd lean from tilted surfaces.

The projector’s display uses Texas Instruments DLP IntelliBright, which Sony says uses image processing algorithms to find the best balance between brightness and battery consumption. The portable projector can also be used outside, with a 105 ANSI lumen rating, and that battery can project for up to two hours. In a pinch, the projector can also charge a smartphone or another mobile device through the USB port.

The projector uses an HDMI connection to project from a number of different devices including laptops, gaming platforms, media streaming devices and smartphones. A sold-separately add-on that connects to the HDMI port also adds wireless functionality. The device charges through a USB port while an audio jack allows for adding speakers or headphones to enable audio.

Sony says the MP-CD1 is ready to project five seconds after start-up.

The projector joins several other Sony CES media announcements, including a line of home theater products, new Xperia smartphones, wireless headphones, and accessories for the RX0 camera.

The Sony MP-CD1 is slated for a spring debut, with an expected list price of $400.

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