The best photo backgrounds to enhance your photos in simple ways

These wall to floor backgrounds surround your subject with a blank canvas of a color. What makes a solid photo background a lot of fun is the possibility of adding whatever you would like behind it. By using effects in your photo editing software, you can manipulate your photos so they can look as fantastical or as glamorous as you want. Traditionally, photographers use green if they want a manipulative background, but many software programs are sophisticated enough to use most colors to manipulate.

With the difficulty of balancing editing, lighting, and getting the perfect shot, having a cool photo background will make it easier for you to take the photo. A solid background gives you a lot of options in terms of positioning – it will help you get rid of the guesswork and framing issues.

Julius Studio Photography Backdrop

Best for Beginners

If you are just starting out with photography, you cannot go wrong with the Julius Studio Photography Backdrop. This muslin backdrop is 6-by-9 feet so it will encompass your subject in the color of your choice. It reflects an appropriate amount of light without being shiny or glossy so you can get a fully lit subject without the sheen of a glossy fabric or paper. The lightweight fabric is easy to clean so you can simply throw it in the washer when necessary. It is easy to set up so you can quickly get started on more photography adventures.

Neewer Muslin Photography Backdrop

Best for Portrait Photography

When your focus is a person or a group of people and you need the right kind of backdrop for your portraits, the Neewer Muslin Photography Backdrop will be your new go-to. The muslin backdrop has a rod pocket on one edge so it can be draped or hung easily on a pole. The length of this backdrop makes sure your subject is covered head to toe in a solid background color. The finished edges prevent tearing so you and your subjects can walk on it without the worry of fraying the fabric. You can easily steam the fabric to take out wrinkles and small spots.

Issuntex Photography Backdrop

Sturdiest Design

Looking for the most solid design that can withstand all the fuss that a photography business can bring? The Issuntex Photography Backdrop is a sturdy choice that will hold up to the years of use as your trusty backdrop companion. The soft polyester fabric is wrinkle resistant and will help you lessen your time in upkeep. The backdrop is also opaque so it can reflect light softly and it will show up as a strong solid color in your photos.

Whether it is a solid background on its own or you use it as a canvas to a world of imaginative colors and designs, a cool photo background will support you throughout your photography journey. Set up the backdrop, grab your camera, and snap the days away!