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Vimeo just overhauled profile pages to double as pro portfolios

Vimeo’s profile page has a new look. In a move designed to help support creators and fulfill user requests, Vimeo launched an updated profile design that the company equates to a mix between a creative video portfolio and a LinkedIn profile.

The updated design allows users to use their Vimeo profile as a customizable video portfolio. People can now create and organize subcategories to organize their profile and add tags to each video. Profile visitors can click on the different tags at the top of each category to sort through different video genres. 

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Unlike previous grids, the new design supports both vertical and square formats as well as the more traditional horizontal. The expanded support, Vimeo says, is designed for creatives who also want to display videos built for social media on their portfolio.

While the updated, organized grid shows off user work, a new sidebar on the left highlights key details. Contact information is right at the top, a move Vimeo says is designed to make the information easy to find, and a button allows for easily sharing the profile to social networks. Profile links are enabled, where users’ previous links were not clickable. The update includes a section where videographers can choose to list their previous clients and hourly or daily rates.


The backside of Vimeo profiles is changing, too. Instead of digging into the settings to make profile page adjustments, the new profile experience is a drag-and-drop design. Users click into a module to access the different editing options. Vimeo says that the new design puts what was previously spread across four pages into a single page, as well as moving all the edits to that same page.

The update is a result of direct feedback from users, 78% who wanted the option to organize videos into sections and more than 60% that wanted to display contact information and previous clients more prominently. Vimeo says that a quarter of its surveyed users said that their profile was their primary portfolio.

The new profile design comes in a string of new updates catering to creative professionals, continuing a trend of adapting to industry changes and user wish lists. The updated profile pages will work with the marketplace launched last year that allows video pros to find gigs and businesses to find video pros. The marketplace now has more than 100,000 creatives.

The new Vimeo profile pages are rolling out beginning today.

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