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Help wanted. Vimeo launches a gig marketplace for video professionals

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Vimeo is hanging a virtual “help wanted” sign. It’s Vimeo For Hire is a new online marketplace that aims to connect videographers with businesses looking for video content.

Vimeo For Hire allows businesses to post project requests by creating a listing. Freelancers can then search those listings and offer their skills to complete the job. Or, companies can search the lists of different video pros to find Vimeo users to connect with. Vimeo says the platform is open to filmmakers, editors, videographers, animators and other pros in the video space.

While most online job boards take a cut of the sale, Vimeo is taking a different approach. Vimeo makes its money by requiring video pros hoping to get a gig on the new platform to have one of any of the paid Vimeo account options, which range from $7 to $75 a month. Payment for the project takes place outside the Vimeo platform.

The marketplace may be launching today, but Vimeo has been working diligently to generate gig listings at launch from companies including VaynerMedia and Square, as well as from a list of 30,000 video professionals on the platform.

“Every business, brand, and agency today faces hurdles in producing video at scale,” said Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo. “They have a continuous need to make high-quality content on a frequent basis. Right now, they rely on informal networks and word-of-mouth to find the right people to make those videos, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Our new hiring tool fundamentally streamlines this process by connecting those in need of talent with top-tier video pros from our global creative community. Anyone with a video project can easily find industry-leading pros available to work in their desired location, match their needs with the right skill sets and budget, and get their videos made. Best of all, Vimeo is empowering our creative community to get paid doing what they do best.”

The Vimeo For Hire marketplace can be used in conjunction with Vimeo’s suite of tools, which includes options for working with a team and, of course, delivering the finished video online.

Video professionals can become part of Vimeo For Hire by choosing the Available for Hire option on their account.

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