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VSCO opens free-to-use photography studio in New York City

Portraits — AURORA (A Venue Project)
VSCO, the company behind the popular iOS and Android camera app, officially unveiled its first Open Studio in New York City. Photographers can rent the space, which includes a permanent cyclorama wall and some lighting equipment, completely free of charge. The idea builds on VSCO’s motto of being a “community for expression,” with Open Studio offering an opportunity for photographers to fulfill personal projects that may otherwise not be possible due to cost.

“We know how expensive it is to rent studio space, and that it can be especially difficult to justify the price when it’s for your own passion project,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Open Studio was born out of our desire to support the creative endeavors of our community.” As such, the space will not be available for commercial work, so if you thought this was an opportunity to cut expenses on your next paying gig, think again.

VSCO is looking at Open Studio as a chance to foster a creative community in the physical world that mimics what the VSCO app does in the digital world. The company is looking to meet people who are passionate about their projects, and won’t simply be renting the space on a first come, first served basis.

The Open Studio can be reserved for up to two hours, and photographers can bring a maximum of six people with them. While use of the studio is free, VSCO requires a $250 deposit to secure a time slot. Should a photographer cancel within 72 hours, they will forfeit the deposit. Photographers are also responsible for bringing their own cameras.

Early indications suggest Open Studio is a resounding success. Unfortunately, that means interested photographers will now have to wait. Just one day after launching, VSCO has already stopped accepting new applications from photographers due to the high number of requests. The company says it may consider opening additional locations in the future, but no information is currently available on when or where these may be.

For more information on Open Studio, see VSCO’s FAQ.

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