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Website makes lens recommendation to photographers based on preferences

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When you are just starting out in photography, or even if you have been doing it for a little while, it can sometimes be hard to know what kind of lens you should think about investing in next. A lot of the time photographers turn to other photographers for advice, but this sort of thinking rarely helps because those other photographers are not you, they don’t know what you like and what you are trying to achieve with your images.

But now there is a new tool for Canon photographers looking for some help with deciding on their next lens. What The Lens is a new website which helps photographers find out what sort of lenses they should invest in next based on the sort of images that they like.

The concept is simple and makes so much sense. The site shows visitors an array of images taken with various Canon lenses. After the visitor has liked a certain number of images (at least 20) the website is able to make a recommendation to that visitor for a lens that they might like based on the images that they preferred.

The site even allows you to choose a category of images to make your preference selection easier. So for example, if you were looking for a great new landscape photography lens, then you can tell the site that you only want to see landscape images. After the site visitor receives a recommendation, What The Lens even makes it easy to invest in that lens right away by providing a quick link to its Amazon store page.

Right now the site is only able to recommend Canon lenses but there are plans to expand further and possibly do a Nikon version of the site in the future. But for now, if you are a Canon shooter and you are wondering what lens you should invest in next, give the website a look.

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