Soon you’ll be able to order a pizza by tweeting emoji at Domino’s

Pizza Ordering Via Tweet With Emoji

Some companies have elaborate plans for world domination. Domino’s? They just want to give their customers as many ways as humanly possible to order and eat pizza. Preferably Domino’s pizza.

The company’s latest feat of techno-wizardry allows customers to order a pizza using nothing but Twitter and a few choice emoji. “It’s the epitome of convenience,” The company’s CEO Patrick Doyle told USA Today. “We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.”

Granted, it takes a little bit of setup before it will work, but once you’ve laid the groundwork, ordering a Domino’s pizza will be easier than ever.

To get started, you’ll need to head to the company’s website and sign up for a Domino’s Pizza Profile, then designate an “Easy Order” pizza. This is essentially your “default” pizza. Once this is in place you’ll be able to order “the usual” either by tweeting the hashtag #EasyOrder to the Domino’s Twitter account, or just by tweeting the pizza emoji.

Once the order goes through, you’ll receive a direct message to confirm the order, and soon thereafter the pizza will arrive. If you want to make the process even more modern and streamlined, you can track the pizza’s progress using the Domino’s Pizza Tracker app either online or on your Pebble. We’re sure an Apple Watch app will be available any day now.

If Domino’s has its way, it won’t be all that long before we’re tweeting our pizza order, paying with Bitcoins, watching a live stream of the pizza being made, then waiting as a drone delivers it to your home on the moon.

For the time being, however, if you’ve got the Twitter app open and your finger is hovering over the pizza emoji as you read this, you’ll need to stand down. While ordering using the #EasyOrder hashtag currently works, ordering using emoji won’t work until May 20.

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