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Facebook is planning a ride-sharing feature for its Events pages

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Facebook is planning to introduce a ride-sharing feature to its Events pages, if a recent patent application is anything to go by.

At present, Facebook’s Events pages simply allow users to select whether they are attending, not attending, or are interested in attending an event. The new ride-sharing feature will allow individuals who have indicated that they are going to an event to also add whether they are ‘going and driving,’ or ‘going but not driving.’

The car-pooling function comes into effect when you’ve selected the ‘going and driving’ option, allowing you to also add how many passengers you are willing to take, what time you’ll be leaving, and whether you just want to open up your ride to friends or the entire list of attendees.

An image from the patent application reveals the inner-workings of the ride-haring feature.
An image from the patent application shows the inner-workings of the ride-sharing feature.

Additionally, the patent reveals that Facebook will use your personal information to pair you up with riders, based on common interests and even a shared alma mater, reports Engadget. Once everybody is on board, you’ll receive navigation information to guide you to the pick up spots and event venue.

Although a patent application does not mean a related feature is a certainty, the document contains a well thought-out feature that makes complete sense for the platform. The social aspect of car-pooling could lead to more ways for people to connect and engage with one another on Facebook. It will also help expand Facebook’s Events page (something the service is clearly intent on doing) in a practical and worthwhile manner.

At this early stage, there is no indication as to when, or if, the feature will become a reality. In the meantime, you can always arrange a ride to a Facebook Event of your liking by ordering an Uber via Messenger.

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