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Instagram is testing an archive option that allows users to bring back posts

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Varin Rattanaburi / 123RF / Screenshot
Deleted Instagrams may soon be able to restored. Instagram is currently testing a feature to archive posts, which removes the post from public view, but unlike a full deletion, it allows images to be restored later.

An Instagram user spotted the feature earlier this week, with the social media platform later confirming that the feature is currently being tested. Archived posts are stored in a separate spot on the user’s profile, designated with a clock icon. Here, only the user can see the posts that were archived and, if you change your mind, you can bring them back to your public profile later.

Posts can be archived by tapping on the ellipsis or “…” to the top right of each post and clicking the archive option. If you decide later to bring the post back to your profile, you can access the archived posts by tapping the clock icon on the top right of your profile page from the app. Tapping on the same ellipsis on archived posts offers a “Show on Profile” that will bring the image back, including the comments and original posting time.

The feature allows users to clean up the photo grid on their profile or remove posts that did not get much interaction. Deleting posts is still an option, but the archive feature essentially offers an undo button for that delete. For whatever reason users might archive posts, whether that is a fallout with a friend or photos or a professional photographer deleting their earlier posts from before their photo skills were more refined, now the move does not have to be permanent and still gives the user access to that post.

Since it is currently being tested, not every Instagram user will have access to the archive feature right away, but as it becomes refined, the ability to archive posts will likely become universal.

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