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Check out LinkedIn's new desktop interface and start making new connections

LinkedIn Desktop Redesign

If there’s any company that understands the power of presentation, it’s LinkedIn. After all, the professional network hangs its hat on helping you make connections with potential employers and colleagues. So it’s no wonder that the company has now debuted a new look that hopes to take your career to the next level.

“This complete overhaul of our technology architecture is the largest desktop redesign since LinkedIn’s inception,” the platform announced, “and we’ve taken a thoughtful approach to ensure we’re delivering a simplified LinkedIn experience that’s more intuitive, faster, and creates more value for our members.”

So what’s changed? First of all, LinkedIn promises a more intuitive experience, with the simplification of both the site and the mobile app’s design and navigation for a more consistent experience. The new design is contingent upon a single-page application, promising a “snappy, cohesive, application-like experience.” Because the new site doesn’t require full page reloads, you’ll be able to make your way from page to page more easily and efficiently than ever before.

Second of all, LinkedIn’s engineers have released a new technology stack which allows for the release of new code up to three times a day. That means updates can be pushed out much more quickly. Finally, and perhaps most saliently for users, LinkedIn says it has simplified the process of discovering relevant professional news and insights. It has also made it easier to join professional conversations, as well as find new job opportunities.

To that end, navigation on LinkedIn has been streamlined so you can choose among seven options — Your Feed, Messaging, Jobs, Notifications, Me, My Network, and Search. The professional network has also introduced a new real-time messaging interface, and has promised to “start serving up insights across the site to help you break the ice in any conversation, and connect you to your next opportunity.”

Searching for potential connections has also become a bit easier, with one universal search box to connect you to people, jobs, companies, groups, and schools. You’ll also be able to refine your search by way of the new filter options.

The brand new desktop experience for LinkedIn will make its way to members around the world in the coming weeks.

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