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Rate your boss at new work-related social networking site

Site users can provide anonymous feedback and rate their previous and current managers, departments and companies. Above and beyond, they can also take a career self-assessment which rates their own performance and skills and invites colleagues to provide them with feedback.

Those looking for the best managers can use as well. View and assess prospective top quartile managers by their ratings and rankings; these findings can be broken down by company, geography and industry. Human Resource departments will find this section useful, as they can use it to screen potential new managers and leaders for their key supervisory roles. Users can share all information on the site through Facebook.

The site also includes a section for job seekers with feedback on the best career conferences and agencies.

Before you go to writing flaming comments about the worse boss you’ve ever had, take note: the feedback on the site is designed to be constructive and positive. The Views from the Cube team and community constantly review all submissions to ensure that no comments are salacious or demeaning.

Founder Michael Wilks is a full-time finance manager in Marin, California. He manages the site part time from his home in Oakland, with the help of friends and family.

“ is different from other sites that allow individuals to rank and review only their current network or their company,” he said. “Here valuable information made available to job seekers will provide a full picture of the current career landscape in their area. ViewsfromtheCube hopes to tell the whole story about the current job market and not just pieces of it.”

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