Satiregram mocks all the worst Instagram cliches so you don’t have to

replace all your instagram friends with satiregram duckface
Outfit of the day. A plate of cookies. A Starbucks cup. A cheeseburger and some fries. Eyes with make-up. Eyes without make-up. The mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow palette used for eye make-up. Oh look, another picture of a cat! These are only some of the many common things you will find on Instagram, and you know what? All that and more can be found on Satiregram, so you might as well unfollow most of your contacts and just check this account for your daily dose of Instagram clichés. It really is amazing how scrolling through Satiregram’s photos, it’s like you’re actually seeing those over-posted images.

Just in case you haven’t clicked on it yet, instead of finding the most popular (and most regurgitated) photo themes on the app, Satiregram is 100 percent comprised of handwritten image placeholders, with descriptions that are all hilariously dead on– even those who are guilty of abusing these snapshot staples may appreciate the irony of the posts.

Of course using Instagram to look at an account making fun of Instagram introduces all sorts of layers of hypocrisy, but as long as you don’t find yourself represented in too many of the mocked Insta-clichés, then consider it OK to follow and enjoy this account.

Some of the big winners include:

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The creators of Satiregram also have another account dedicated to astrology called Astrologygram. Because you know…knowing your horoscope for the day is extremely important and worth sharing on Instagram.

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