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‘Resignation Letter Cake’ goes viral on Twitter


The art of the resignation letter entails a lot of respect and finesse – it can, on certain occasions, be creative as well (the same can be applied for resumes). In this particular situation, not only was the resignation letter impassioned and well written, it was also sweet and edible.

It was always Chris Holmes’ dream to one day bake cakes for a living. On his 31st birthday, he decided it was time to bring the dream to fruition and leave his job as a Border Agency official at London’s StanstedAirport. To perfectly encapsulate his plan of becoming Mr. Cake full-time, he aptly and cleverly gave his notice in the form of icing atop one of his cake creations.

A photo of the cake was shared on Twitter by Holmes’ brother-in-law and immediately caught the micro-blogging community’s attention, garnering over 6 thousand retweets and more than 2 thousand favorites in just one day.

“It just seemed like the obvious choice, having set up a cake company,” Holmes told ITV News. “I think [my boss] was pleasantly surprised, of all the resignations businesses get, I think that’s probably a nice way for an employee to leave and I hope they enjoyed the cake as well as the resignation.”

Handing off ingenious resignation letters is definitely a way to make a great lasting impression and possibly even lessen the negative after-effect that’s usually tied with it. Here are some other examples of out-of-the-box office adieus:

This guy used to be a consumer product director at Merck Pharmaceuticals – he was also the guy behind a video entitled Farting in Public. Inspired by an American Idol contestant, he posted this video declaring the value of doing what you love – in his case, it was becoming a YouTube comedian.

For his final hurrah, then CEO of Sun Micro Jonathan Schwartz felt it poetic to sign off on his duties via haiku.

When That Guy With Glasses quit his job, he took his shirt off, kept the message simple, and rocked his way out of the company lunch room.

And from this bunch, here’s a pretty good one, coming from an unidentified disgruntled designer:


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