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Snapchat is finally rolling out its streamlined interface revamp to iOS users

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Snapchat is rolling out a major update to iOS users, bringing app more in line with the Android version, which was updated earlier in January.

So what is so special about the new Snapchat interface? Well, for starters it’s much easier to navigate, meaning that more people can use the app in the first place — after all, it has long been criticized for being a little hard to navigate, which limits its use to those who are used to apps — aka young people. A report from TechCrunch notes that making the app a little harder to use gives it an aura of being a “secret club,” which has helped make the app cool but might not be so helpful for a company that is trying to broaden its scope and increase its revenue.

As part of the new interface, users can take advantage of a new search bar, which should help make it easier to find friends, groups, and stories to follow. When you tap on the search box, you will be greeted with a new overlay, which shows friends’ snaps and stories. You can now also hold on a friend’s name to see a mini profile, and you can tap on your Bitmoji to see your own profile.

Next up is the fact that it’s now easier to submit snaps to Our Store, which is a Snapchat story focused on big events, holidays, and so on. When you take a snap, you can simple check a box labeled Our Story, which will give Snapchat permission to use the Snap if they so choose.

In the end, we will have to wait and see if the new interface, which is now rolling out to iOS, makes it easier for more people to join the service.

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