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Today, we’re celebrating Social Media Day, otherwise known as Thursday

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On a day that will literally be just like any other day, today, we are celebrating Social Media Day, otherwise known as the most redundant “holiday” to date. First established by Mashable in 2010, the day is meant to “highlight the ways digital culture has revolutionized how we communicate.” Or perhaps, it’s an excuse to make #SocialMediaDay trend on Twitter.

June 30 marks the seventh occasion of the celebration, and Mashable is encouraging people to participate in various ways and through various media — both on the web and in real life. And apparently, if you’re really gung ho about the whole thing, you can even try to get your city to officially recognize Social Media Day by submitting a proclamation request. Seriously, that’s a thing.

Curiously enough, the goal of Social Media Day appears to be to convince denizens of the internet “to switch the conversation from online to IRL.” Odd, considering the way to spread awareness about the day is inevitably online. But in hopes of actually taking some interactions offline, Mashable has partnered with Splash to host a meetup in New York City, and is encouraging others to organize their own events to put a face to Twitter and Instagram handles. Because why not turn your Facebook friends into your real friends?

Of course, Mashable notes, if it’s not possible for you to actually attend a meeting in person, you’re still welcome to participate. You’ll just have to do it — you guessed it — online. You can “join the global conversation online via the hashtag #SMDay,” the media company notes.

So if you’re particularly active on Facebook today, find yourself tweeting up a storm, or posting way too many Instagrams with the same filter, know that you have an excuse (not that you need one). After all, what better way to celebrate Social Media Day than to be on social media?

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