The gold iPhone has started a social media civil war

apple goes for gold in its first tv ad iphone 5s side

After yesterday’s iPhone announcements, there’s really only one question left to ask:

Do you want a gold iPhone – or do you want to smash a gold iPhone?

Just like that, Apple turned us into a people divided – the gold iPhone wanters and the gold iPhone haters. Does a gold iPhone put you in the same class as ItsLavishBitch? Or is it just a little, innocent bling? The jury is out and fighting about it on Twitter and Facebook, naturally. 

Facebook hashtaggers (all seven of you out there!) are generally excited about the lavish iPhone:



Twitter is home to more derision, and a “dialogue” between the gold iPhone (potential) haves and have-nots is raging. However, there’s ample fun being made at the gold iPhone’s expense. 

There’s also some Gollum-level, “my preciousssss!”-mongerers out there. This premature obsession is concerning. No, that’s putting it lightly – there’s serial killer level talk going on here.

Also, some bigotry!

And a subtle reminder: If thou can’t afford rent/child support/groceries/etc, thou had better not have an effing gold iPhone. 

Look! Look what you’ve done to us, Apple! Are you a gold iPhone hater or did you already pre-order it? Either way, you’re probably wrong and everyone hates you.