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Tinder needn't be hard work: These are the jobs most likely to land you a match

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Tinder profiles can range from demure and detailed to downright dirty. For those of us who take a more traditional approach to our bios (meaning we avoid the eggplant emoji in favor of a standard description), listing a career is often at the top of the list, alongside educational info.

As it turns out, your job could potentially increase your chances of getting a right swipe on the popular dating app. Tinder has revealed the jobs its U.S. users find most appealing. The list, which is split according to gender, shows a huge divide in the types of jobs each sex finds attractive.

Women, for example, are most interested in pilots, entrepreneurs, fire fighters, doctors, and media personalities. Adding credence to the fact that Tinder isn’t as shallow as it’s widely perceived to be, a professional male modelling career is ranked lower than such occupations as teacher and engineer.

The same goes for men, who aren’t that interested in models either, with the profession just cracking the top ten. Instead, male users mostly swipe right on physical therapists, interior designers and entrepreneurs. Women who class themselves as PR professionals and teachers also made the top five. Check out the full lists below.


Tinder’s popular jobs data was compiled based on the occupations of user profiles that received the highest ratio of right swipes from November 2015 (when the feature was launched) through January 2016. During that time, “millions of users have added their job to their profiles … [increasing their] chances of receiving a right swipe,” according to the app.

Upon its introduction, Tinder claimed that job and education listings on profiles were among the most requested features from its users. It was noted at the time that the update was an attempt to distance the app from the hook-up culture it was accused of perpetuating.

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