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Match now lets you swipe left or right to show love for your political causes

Match is giving a whole new meaning to swiping left or swiping right, with new options that let people add their political preferences, as well as issues and causes they believe in, to their dating profile. 

Starting Thursday, March 5, people looking for love on Match can choose from new political views that best align with their beliefs. These include apolitical, undecided, fiscally conservative but socially liberal, fiscally liberal but socially conservative, independent, and no answer in addition to liberal, moderate, and conservative. 

Match is also letting people answer an open-ended question about what specific social issues they are passionate about, whether it’s education, health care, social inequality, the environment, and others. 

Both of these features will enable Match to better pair you up with someone that will align with your beliefs so the relationship can start on common ground. 

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According to a blog post announcing the feature, Match said that singles are 26% less likely to date across party lines than before the 2016 election. However, one in three singles has been in love with someone with different views on social issues.

Match said that the new political updates in the app were made based on user feedback from the Match’s 2019 Singles in America Survey that asked users their political preferences when it comes to dating. The survey found that 24% of singles want to know a potential partner’s political views before the first date, and 98% want to know before things get serious. 

Aside from that, talking politics is also important in today’s dating world. Match found that  98% of singles shared that they want a partner who will talk about political issues.

Other dating apps have taken into consideration political or social issues when it comes to finding a potential date. OKCupid added new climate change questions last month, in addition to questions on topics like gun control, marriage equality, and incarceration. 

Facebook Dating also suggests people based on your interested and preferences, like people who attended the same Facebook events as you or are a part of the same group as you. So if you’re into animal rights and are a part of a group, Facebook could match you to your perfect mate within that group. 

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