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Lost a glove or a sock? Tom Hanks could help you find it

tom hanks lost and found  glove
Tom Hanks
If you lose a piece of clothing while out and about in New York City, Tom Hanks could help you find it.

Over the last year or so the Hollywood star’s Twitter feed has gradually transformed into a surprisingly entertaining lost-and-found service, with many of his tweets now comprising comical comments alongside photos of lost items he’s come across in the street.

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Judging by Hanks’ posts, single gloves appear to be the most common lost item, though he also stumbles across the occasional shoe and hat on his strolls around town. And one time, even a sock….

Sometimes the stuff he tweets even ends up getting returned to the original owner. Last year, for example, he tweeted the photo of an ID card he found. “Lauren! I found your student ID in the park. If you still need it my office will get to you,” Hanks wrote in the post.

Lauren told Good Morning America that despite not being on Twitter, it still didn’t take long for her to hear the bizarre news that a Hollywood giant had found her ID card. She told the show, “My professor is on Twitter [and] I’m sitting in the library trying to get homework done yesterday and I get an email with a little link to Twitter, ‘You’re famous.’”

Hanks was never really a prolific tweeter (though promoting the Hanx Writer typewriter app a couple of years back resulted in a particularly active period), but the movie star certainly seems to have found his stride with this lost-and-found schtick.

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