Tweet as if you were using a megaphone with Twitter Promote Mode

twitter promote mode in public beta man holding iphone 6 with on the screen
Advertising on Twitter became almost just as easy as getting a Netflix subscription — the platform recently launched Promote Mode, a tool that automatically promotes tweets for businesses for $99 a month. Twitter Promote Mode launched in private beta this summer, but the tool is now available in public beta testing.

Twitter Promote Mode is a subscription service that will automatically promote tweets every day, turning the process of taking out a Twitter advertisement into an automatic one once that subscription is active. Twitter says the businesses using the tool so far reached 30,000 additional people every month over what those same tweets would have reached left alone. Those beta users also added an average of 30 followers every month.

The new Promote Mode is accessible in Twitter’s mobile app, where users can sign up for the subscription, then see the results once the campaign starts. The feature promotes your first 10 tweets every day, excluding retweets, replies, and quotes. Those tweets also have to pass a quality filter in order to be promoted to non-followers, which helps ensure it meets the company’s advertising guidelines. Users can also toggle the feature off to temporarily stop promoting tweets, though they will still be paying that subscription unless the subscription is officially canceled.

Like a typical Twitter ad, those promoted tweets will appear in front of users that don’t yet follow the business and will still have that badge that lets users know the tweet is a paid ad. Users will also still have to craft those tweets (and make them clever enough that readers don’t just keep scrolling past). The difference is that businesses don’t have to go through and individually promote each tweet.

Twitter says the new tool is ideal for businesses and personal brands and accounts with fewer than 2,000 followers will get the most from the program. The company says they are working on developing a tier system to bring similar benefits to accounts that already have more than 2,000 followers.

While no longer in the private beta, the Twitter Promote Mode is still in beta testing, so the system could see further refinement. Users in the U.S. and U.K. can join the public beta test, with additional countries expected to launch soon.

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