Vine now allows you to go back in time and edit your clips

vine update allows go back time edit clips

Vine is pretty easy to use: Once you boot the app on your device, all you need to do is tap the video icon, keep your finger on the screen to record, lift it off when you want to record a new scene, and keep clicking next until it publishes your clip onto your feed. It’s that simple.

However, if you make a mistake, the only other option you have is to delete the entire post and start from scratch. That was before the Twitter-owned service announced a pretty important update that’ll make all you 6-second looping-video-loving folks out there incredibly happy.

According to the post, one of the new features – cleverly titled Time Travel – that will be added onto the service gives users the ability to edit posts before sharing them. You will now be able to remove, re-arrange, or replace any scene within a post before you publish and share it.

To edit your post, you can either tap the green bar while in shooting in camera mode or tap Edit when you’re previewing your post before sharing it with your friends.

vine edit 2

Vine is also adding a feature called Sessions, which allows you to save any unfinished post and resume recording at a later time. Users can simultaneously save, create, and edit up to 10 posts by tapping on an icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

vine save for later

With these two new features that are now included in the new update through the Apple App Store and Google Play, Vine has become the flexible video-sharing app we’ve always wanted it to be, and in turn, the people who enjoy the service on a regular basis will now have a grander time over-sharing mini-movies. We just have to wonder when it will completely ape other apps and add filters.