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Yahoo’s home page gets a Marissa Mayer facelift


Yahoo’s home page is about to get a 21st century redesign. In a blog post published today, CEO Marissa Mayer announced the rollout of a completely revamped, which she says is “designed to be more intuitive and personal.” The home page overhaul is part of Mayer’s mission to bring one of the Web’s oldest brands back up to fighting condition.

Over the next few days, Yahoo will replace its link-cluttered home page with a more “modern” streamlined user experience. Yahoo’s main properties – Mail, News, Finance, and Sports – remain featured along the left side of the page, but will all-new icons that don’t look they were pulled from a clipart catalog.

A Twitter-like news feed with “infinite scroll” has also been added, replacing the bland headline-filled boxes that took up the bulk of the old design (it has a very Google News feel to it). The news feed can also be customized to display only the categories of content that interest you. Users will also be able to sign in using either their Yahoo or Facebook ID, which will bring up content shared by your friends and contacts. Sharing has also been streamlined, allowing you to post content to Twitter or Facebook from Yahoo with a single click.

The new features a number of personalized apps, like weather, stock quotes, and Facebook friends’ birthdays. These new features and design will appear in the Yahoo smartphone and tablet apps, as well.

The Yahoo home page redesign is the third overhaul at the company since Mayer took over as the company’s chief executive last July, after making a namer for herself at Google. In December, Mayer pushed out a renovated Yahoo Mail and Flickr, which remains popular among the amateur and professional photographer crowd (if not everyone else). According to Mayer, the redesign won’t be the last makeover we see from the Web giant.

“Over the coming months, we’ll continue to make changes and improvements,” she wrote, “so today is just the beginning.”

See the difference between the two designs below:


 Old Yahoo



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