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SpaceX launches a different kind of Starship

On the same day that SpaceX failed to launch the first orbital test flight of its Starship vehicle, the company has managed to launch something similar but altogether smaller: the Starship Torch.

SpaceX's Starship Torch.

That’s right, folks, for a mere $175, you can be the proud owner of a torch that resembles a very small version of SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft that’s currently sitting atop the Super Heavy rocket on a launchpad at Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas.

“The man in black, Johnny Cash, knew a thing or two about burning desire,” the blurb for the torch reads. “But love isn’t the only thing that burns. Sometimes you just want to caramelize the sugar on a crème brûlée or melt some cheese without all the subtext. Enter the Starship Torch.”

The company points out that outside of the kitchen, you can fire up Starship “to light candles or your fireplace,” adding: “Who needs weak matches when you’ve got the power of Starship in your hands?”

When you’re not firing up the Starship’s adjustable flame, you can activate its safety lock and proudly display the 1:200 scale model of SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft in your home.

The Starship Torch can be easily refilled with standard butane canisters, which are not included with the product.

SpaceX also wants you to know that the item, which can be ordered now for summer shipping, is “100% not a toy.”

The real Starship uses three Raptor engines and three Raptor Vacuum engines, while the Super Heavy rocket below it has 33 Raptor engines and will be the most powerful rocket ever to fly when it finally gets off the ground.

It was supposed to launch on Monday, but an issue with a valve forced mission controllers to halt the countdown clock. A second launch attempt could come as soon as Thursday.

SpaceX offers an array of items in its online store that also includes branded apparel, a backpack, water bottle, a mug, and more.

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