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best horror games

Leon facing El Gigante in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Why do we love horror games? Psychologists explain our morbid curiosity

Why do we love scaring ourselves in terrifying games? Horror experts break down the psychology of fear.
terrifier 2 where to stream movie art

Where you can stream Terrifier 2

The indie horror hit Terrifier 2, which features the killer Art the Clown, is now available to stream on Screambox.
Leon from Resident Evil 4.

The best horror games on Nintendo Switch

The horror video game genre has a tremendous fan base, which has grown in recent years. In this list, we go through the best horror games for Nintendo Switch.
Teenagers sit around a campfire in The Quarry.

10 movies to watch after you play The Quarry

Keep the summertime spooks going with the classic horror films that inspired the latest triple-A horror title, The Quarry.
blair witch review game 1

The best horror games for the Xbox One

Horror games can vary in quality, so if you're looking for the best frights on the Xbox One, this list has the best ones guaranteed to give you nightmares.