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Jason Schneider

Jason Schneider

Jason Schneider is a northeast US-based writer, editor, and horror movie enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience. He writes about mobile technology, audio/visual products, and movies and TV for Digital Trends. Additionally, you can find his work on Thrillist, Travel + Leisure, Lifewire, and more. He hosts a monthly podcast on horror movies called Fear & There.

A hand is holding the Wonderboom 3 speaker in front of a beach background.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3: still a solid buy despite only minor improvements

This go-anywhere mini Bluetooth speaker sounds pretty good, looks pretty good, and is built like a tank.
Spotify app icon on iPhone.

Spotify wants you to stream socially with the new custom Friends Mix playlist

A new Friends Mix playlist factors in your tastes and your friends' tastes for a custom Spotify playlist.
Vizio 2023 M-series TV hanging on a wall.

Vizio has new smart TVs and soundbars for 2023, but the best may be yet to come

Vizio has announced its low-to-midrange smart TVs for its 2023 model year, with prices starting at $289, but so far, no new P-Series flagships.
Sony XG300 speaker held by by hand.

Sony expands its X-Series with 3 new go-anywhere speakers

These new Bluetooth speakers from Sony are waterproof, dust-proof, and fully portable so you can take your tunes anywhere.
The cast of Stranger Things season 4 is standing in front of a field looking surprised.

5 movies to watch now that Stranger Things season 4 is over

Whether you’re in it for the friendship or the creature horror, we’ve got the next movie you should watch to satisfy your Stranger Things craving.
An Edifier MP230 Bluetooth speaker is sitting on a mantle next to a plant and some decorative letters.

Edifier MP230 Hands-on Review: The pint-sized, retro Bluetooth speaker brings a vintage vibe

Edifier's MP230 portable Bluetooth speaker brings a vintage Mad Men vibe to your bookshelf while it delivers sweet tunes to your ears.
Teenagers sit around a campfire in The Quarry.

10 movies to watch after you play The Quarry

Keep the summertime spooks going with the classic horror films that inspired the latest triple-A horror title, The Quarry.
A man is wearing a black pair of V-MODA S-80 headphones around his neck.

V-Moda’s pricey new S-80 puts a Bluetooth speaker into your headphones

V-Moda new headphone-and-speaker combo is a unique take from a high-end audio brand.
The Star Wars evo C2 OLED TV is sitting in front of a stylized foggy backdrop with Darth Vader and Star Wars branding on the screen.

How to buy LG’s Star Wars ultra-limited-edition C2 OLED TV (and how much it costs)

The limited-edition Star Wars C2 TV from LG will only be available to the first 501 people that order it.
Marshall III speakers are sitting on an entertainment console.

Marshall’s third-generation home speakers go eco-friendly with a wider soundstage

The Marshall Acton III, Stanmore III, and Woburn III are speakers with eco-friendly materials and solid sound.
The red KEF LSX ii is sitting on a mantle next to some books and an audio device.

KEF’s second-generation LSX II connects to all your audio

KEF's latest LSX II speakers are just as slick as the previous generation, now with better connectivity and hi-res audio support.
A person holding a Moto G 5G and Blu F91 5G smartphone in each hand

Cheap Blu F91 5G and Moto G 5G fight for budget supremacy

Let's compare two of the latest budget smartphones, the Motorola Moto G 5G and the Blu F91 5G, after living with a flagship phone for a while.
A person holding a Moto G 5G smartphone up to their ear

Moto G 5G hands-on review: Good phone, better battery

The budget-friendly G 5G phone from Moto checks a lot of boxes, but it only hits one thing (battery) out of the park.
A man uses the Xiaomi S1's Amazon Alexa capabilities.

Talk to the wrist: Alexa is the best smartwatch assistant

Whether you're looking to control your smart home or ask some questions, Alexa may just be the right voice-activated assistant for your smartwatch.
A couple standing in front of a converted sprinter van

#VanLife: How a Sprinter van was turned into a mobile office

Take a tour of this completely outfitted Sprinter van that's been converted into a rolling connected office by two remote web developers.
blu f91 hands on review 5g

Blu F91 5G hands-on review: Budget price, solid experience

This budget-friendly Android phone brings solid performance, 5G speeds, decent cameras and more. But it's not without just a few trade-offs.
The DISH Celero 5G sitting on a bannister in the sun

Dish enters mobile space with Celero5G smartphone, big plans

Dish Network has its own 5G network and its first phone to go along with it called the Celero5G. We went hands-on with the exclusive device.
Android phone showing Verizon Adaptive Sound menu and Sony headphones

Verizon brings spatial audio to Android phones. We tested if it really works

Verizon's Adaptive Audio aims to bring spatial audio to any device your Android phone is connected to. We tested if it actually works.