Magellan’s Echo sports watch can track your workouts, controls your phone for just $20

Can't decide between smartwatch ecosystems? The Magellen Echo Watch works with both Android and iOS devices, so you can focus on your workouts rather than compatibility. At $20, it's one of the most affordable, name-brand sports watches on…

Magellan wants you to explore the outdoors with off-road vehicle navigation

Navigation specialist Magellan has announced a new off-road vehicle navigation platform. Key features include 3D terrain maps, free companion apps for iOS and Android devices, and an online community where explorers can share trails.

This concept wristband health tracker gives advice on how to improve your health

The MiracleBand, a concept wristworn fitness and health tracker, has an ECG scanner on the front. Should the result show your health could be improved, it provides simple exercises to help you do it.

Magellan’s Echo Fit is a watch with all the fitness fixings, and a six-month battery

The Magellan Echo Fit looks like a smartwatch, but with a focus on telling you the time and packing in fitness features, it can hold a charge for half a year. The new watch debuts at CES 2015.
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Magellan launches $150 Echo ‘smart running watch’

Fitness-focused wearable tech is a fast-growing market, with Magellan's Echo 'smart running watch' the latest device to hit the market. As its name suggests, it's primarily aimed at runners, though any type of fitness fanatic is likely to…
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Magellan enters the fitness tech game with a ‘dumb’ watch

GPS device giant Magellan's new watch leverages Bluetooth Smart technology to turn your phone into a wrist-bound performance computer.

Magellan Maestro 4700 Touts 4.7-Inch Display and Lane Assist

Magellan's new Maestro 4700 GPS offers a big 4.7-inch display, Bluetooth, voice commands, a "find your car" feature, and highway lane assist.

Magellan Trips Out the RoadMate 1475T

Magellan's new RoadMate 1475T GPS features a new 4.3-inch WQVGA display and real-time traffic information without a subscription fee.

Is Magellan Getting Ready to Swallow Mio?

The two brothers under the same parent company may soon be one, and contrary to prior rumors, Magellan could be the name left standing.
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Magellan Sells GPS Line to Mio Parent

The respected navigation company has sold off its consumer products division to rival Mitac, which owns the Mio and Navman GPS brands.

Microsoft Sends Suite Magellan to Portugal

Microsoft has made a deal with Portugal to put Windows XP and Office 2007 on inexpensive notebooks aimed at Portuguese primary and junior high school students.

Magellan Gets Primordial Off-road Routing

"Turn left at the really tall cliff!" GPS maker Magellan is teaming with Primordial Inc. to enable off-road and outdoor enthusiasts to map natural and man-made obstacles.

Magellan Debuts New Maestro GPS Units

Magellan's new Maestro 3100 and 3140 GPS units aim to offer all the key GPS functionality drivers crave...without breaking the bank.

Magellan Announces New Car GPS Unit

The new Magellan RoadMate 860T, priced at $799, provides real-time traffic conditions in major metropolitan areas as well as reading street names to you as you drive.