Smart Home

Protect your home with the Maximus Camera Floodlight

Meet the Maximus Camera Floodlight, an adjustable flood light featuring a Wi-Fi camera and two-way speaker, allowing you to keep an eye on your surroundings and communicate with relevant parties. 
Smart Home

Maximus' Smart Motion Security Light is a floodlight and Wi-Fi security camera in one

The $249 Smart Motion Security Light launches this spring and features an app-connected floodlight and camera able to detect motion up to 70 feet away. The light is set to launch in the second quarter of this year.

Art Lebedev’s latest Optimus LCD keyboard wants your savings

Russian design studio Art Lebedev has announced a new customizable LCD keyboard named the Optimus Popularis. Although at more than $1,000, we're not sure how 'popularis' it'll be.

10 DIY Home Theater Tips

Hear the advice these A/V masters wish they had before they built their home theaters.

Optimus Reveals Pultius 15-Key OLED Keypad

The shrunken version of the Optimus Maximus should give those on a budget a chance to sample the freedom of customizable OLED keys.

Guardian Maximus Offers Live Backups

New RAID 1 storage solution from Newer Technology offers on the fly backups in a dual drive configuration of up to 1TB.