SIM Card

SIM-swapping fraud is real and Payfone may have a solution

Mobile security provider Payfone was recently granted a patent to help prevent SIM swapping fraud. The patented technology will notify banks when one of its customers has its number switched to another SIM card.

The Krimston Two lets you run two SIM cards on one iPhone … at the same time

For the smartphone that does everything, you need a case that does even more. Like turn your one iPhone into two. Almost. Meet the Krimston Two, described as "a 1 phone solution to a 2 SIM card problem."

Apple’s new iPads let you switch LTE networks without changing your SIM card

Apple's new iPad Air 2 will have an Apple SIM card that lets users switch between LTE networks with the tap of a finger. No more changing SIM cards!

Report: Massive SIM card hack does not affect most U.S. phone owners

A security exploit has been discovered that affects as many as 750 million SIM cards around the world. We contacted the major U.S. carriers and researchers to find out just how safe you actually are.

AT&T doubles the activation fee on all phone upgrades

While many consumers will be upgrading their standard cell phones and smartphones to new models during 2012, AT&T management has decided to make more money on that process with an increased fee.

SIM cards get even smaller with new nano-SIM from G&D

The new nano-SIM development will enable companies to create thinner devices and devote the size cut to improved performance

More than 800 Android apps are leaking personal data

Malware is becoming increasingly problematic for smartphone owners using the Android operating system. A security firm released unsettling information on growth of mobile malware.

Will iPhone 5 hold dual SIM cards? We think not

The rumor mill is churning. Today, it's rumored that the iPhone 5 will support two SIM cards simultaneously. We tend to disagree.
Emerging Tech

GSMA hopes to put a SIM card in every electronic device

The GSMA is hoping to expand the role of SIM cards in electronics of all kinds, including cameras, MP3 players, and e-book readers.

Is Apple developing a carrier-hopping SIM to liberate the iPhone?

A rumored SIM card that works across many carriers could potentially allow iPhone users to switch service providers with the press of a virtual button - in Europe, anyway.

Installing Your Home Theater: The Plain English Guide to Installation Part 2

In our last article we discussed some of the decisions you had to go through to purchase your new ho