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Are Android devices really easier to hack than their iOS-based counterparts? Will a magnet actually destroy your hard drive? Find answers to those questions and more in our ‘Ask an Expert’ series.

Should you turn your computer off at night? We asked an expert

Do you always leave your computer on? Should you turn it off at night? What are the benefits and problems associated with each scenario? We asked the experts.
July 2, 2021
Dell XPS 8930 Review

How much RAM does a smartphone actually need? We asked the experts

No one wants a sluggish phone, but you’d be forgiven for wondering if 16GB of RAM is the answer. But is it really needed? How much RAM does a smartphone need?
May 24, 2021
how much ram does a smartphone need cell phone feature

RFID-blocking products are practically worthless. Here’s why

There are a lot of different RFID-blocking products on the market, from smart wallets to clothing, and they claim to protect you from identity theft and fraud. But are they worth buying? We asked an expert.

How young is too young for a smartphone? We asked the experts

When is your child ready to own a smartphone? It’s a difficult question and a topic of serious debate for many parents. We asked some experts and gathered together some stats, opinions, and advice to help you decide.
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