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Are Android devices really easier to hack than their iOS-based counterparts? Will a magnet actually destroy your hard drive? Find answers to those questions and more in our ‘Ask an Expert’ series.

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What is UFS 3.0 storage? We asked an expert about the SSD for phones

We take a dive into UFS, or Universal Flash Storage, to find out what the latest UFS 3.0 standard is capable of and why you might want it in your next smartphone. An expert from the standards body, JEDEC, explains all.

Sign In with Apple sticks it to Google and Facebook, for the good of everyone

Apple wants you to use its new Sign In with Apple service, which promises to free you from password hell, without selling your soul to the advertising devil. Is it worth using when it launches this year?
Emerging Tech

RFID-blocking products are practically worthless. Here’s why

There are a lot of different RFID-blocking products on the market, from smart wallets to clothing, and they claim to protect you from identity theft and fraud. But are they worth buying? We asked an expert.

To power off or not to power off? That is the question -- and we've answered it

The question of whether you should leave your computer on all the time or shut it down while you're away from it, especially at night, has been the subject of debate for years now. We decided to ask an expert to weigh in.

Is the 5G spectrum harmful to our health? Experts say, 'Don't freak out'

There's plenty of consumer anxiety about radiofrequency (RF) radiation, specifically around millimeter waves (mmWave) used on 5G networks, but is it based in reality? We asked the FDA to give us its official view on the subject.
Smart Home

Silverware handles up or down? Dishwasher experts settle it once and for all

When it comes to loading dishwashers, are you on #TeamHandlesUp, or #TeamHandlesDown? We asked some experts to find out which is the correct way of doing it to settle the debate once and for all.

Does wireless charging degrade your battery faster? We asked an expert

Wireless charging has been steadily growing in popularity. Even though it’s slower that plugging in, the convenience makes it attractive, but is there a hidden cost for battery life? We asked the experts to find out.
Emerging Tech

When will your phone charge wirelessly in your pocket? We asked an expert

The prospect of true wireless charging across distance, powering our phones, smartwatches, remote controls, and gamepads without wires or contact is creeping ever closer, but there are still some challenges to overcome.

How do people really use apps? We asked an expert

The app explosion drove the humble smartphone to giddy heights, but just how often do people use apps, what do they use, and how much time do they spend on them? We asked App Annie CEO, Bertrand Schmitt, all that and more.

Can you really trust app store ratings? We asked the experts

With millions of apps to choose from, the review system is important in helping you find the best. But just how trustworthy is the typical app store review? Fake, paid, and incentivized reviews are all too real.

Will we ever have unbreakable smartphone glass? We asked an expert

Cracked and broken smartphone screens are common, but cover glass is getting tougher all the time. We spoke to Corning, makers of Gorilla Glass, about what’s coming for smartphone glass.

Can facial recognition really replace fingerprints? We asked the experts

With Apple’s Face ID as a headline feature in the iPhone X, facial recognition may be poised to take over from fingerprints. We look at how secure facial authentication is and what advantages it offers.

How do you crown the best smartphone camera? The experts share their secrets

We sat down with DxOMark to find out exactly how it tests smartphone cameras and distills those tests down into a single score to create a chart of the best.

How much RAM does a smartphone actually need? We asked the experts

The RAM inside our smartphones has rocketed to 6GB or 8GB in some of the latest flagships. Do we actually need that much RAM? What does it do? We asked some experts for their opinions on how much RAM a smartphone really needs

Why don’t we pay for everything with our phones now? We asked the experts

We delve into the world of mobile payments and grill some experts on why they’ve yet to see widespread use. Are people worried about security, availability, technical issues, or is it something else entirely?

Are Android devices really easier to hack? We asked the experts

The world’s most widely-used mobile operating system has a reputation for malware and vulnerabilities, but is it deserved? We spoke to some experts to find out.

When will every smartphone survive a swim in the pool? We asked an expert

Water damage is the second biggest cause of smartphone death, so why isn't every phone waterproof? We spoke to water resistant coating specialist P2i to find out when we can expect water resistant phones as standard.

Are smartphones killing the art of face-to-face conversation? We ask the experts

There’s a lot of hyperbole about the negative impact of smartphones on conversations. Are we really losing our conversational skills and choosing text over face-to-face chats?