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Are Android devices really easier to hack than their iOS-based counterparts? Will a magnet actually destroy your hard drive? Find answers to those questions and more in our ‘Ask an Expert’ series.

phone cases military drop test standards ratings for 0001

What do military drop test certifications really mean?

The nightmare of a shattered smartphone screen is all too real, but can a tough case really protect it? We investigate smartphone case testing standards.

Is 5G dangerous? We asked an expert

Dell XPS 8930 Review

Should you turn your computer off at night? We asked an expert

woman looking at cell phone

How much RAM does a smartphone actually need? We asked the experts

Fujifilm GFX 100 review

What really determines your camera’s resolution? We asked an expert

Sleep Number It Bed review

Does tracking your sleep actually help you sleep better? We asked an expert

expert advice on how to avoid destroying your phones battery charging galaxy s10

Should you leave your smartphone plugged into the charger overnight?

can cell phones cause brain cancer phone radiation

Is cell phone radiation actually dangerous? We asked some experts

what is ufs 3 0 storage chip

What is UFS 3.0 storage? We asked an expert about the SSD for phones

Sign In with Apple.

Sign In with Apple sticks it to Google and Facebook, for the good of everyone

are rfid blocking products worth your money we asked an expert nero denim wallet feat

RFID-blocking products are practically worthless. Here’s why

silverware handles up or down silver dishwasher profile feat

Silverware handles up or down? Dishwasher experts settle it once and for all

wireless charging over distance barriers cover samsung

Does wireless charging degrade your battery faster? We asked an expert

There’s no denying the convenience of wireless charging, but as more and more of us ditch the cables some fears have emerged about the potential impact on battery longevity. We decided to ask some experts and find out the truth about the impact of wireless charging on your battery.
wireless charging over distance barriers energous feat

When will your phone charge wirelessly in your pocket? We asked an expert

The idea that our smartphones might charge in our pockets, or smartwatches might charge up on our wrists, is appealing, but how close are we to a world without wires? True wireless charging is creeping closer, but there still some big barriers to overcome. We spoke to experts at Energous and Ossia to find out more.
how do people really use apps man with iphone at bar feature

How do people really use apps? We asked an expert

The app explosion drove the humble smartphone to giddy heights, but just how often do people use apps, what do they use, and how much time do they spend on them? We asked App Annie CEO, Bertrand Schmitt, all that and more.
Google Play store on a smartphone in someone's hand.

Can you really trust app store ratings? We asked the experts

You may assume positive app store reviews are a sign of quality and vice versa, but that’s not always true. We look at whether you can trust app store reviews.
apple calibration machine pilot program 58549139  person picking broken smart phone cracked screen of the ground

Will we ever have unbreakable smartphone glass? We asked an expert

How much tougher can smartphone glass get and why does it break anyway? We spoke to the experts behind Gorilla Glass to find out.
facial recognition apple

Can facial recognition really replace fingerprints? We asked the experts

Apple’s Face ID is a headline feature in the iPhone X. Facial recognition may take over from fingerprints, but does it offer advantages and is it secure?
learn how dxomark scores smartphone cameras fugem 7

How do you crown the best smartphone camera? The experts share their secrets

In search of the best smartphone camera? We found out how respected photography lab, DxOMark, tests devices and scores them.
when will mobile payments be mainstream we asked the experts feat

Why don’t we pay for everything with our phones now? We asked the experts

are android devices really insecure we asked some experts businessman holding htc phone

Are Android devices really easier to hack? We asked the experts

ask an expert waterproof phones mwc 2017 sony 2

When will every smartphone survive a swim in the pool? We asked an expert

Virtually all flagship phones boast water protection nowadays. We spoke to P2i about when we can expect every phone to be water resistant.
are smartphones really killing the art of conversation starting at phone

Are smartphones killing the art of face-to-face conversation? We ask the experts

is your smartphone listening to conversations are you being listened 0001 alt

Is your smartphone listening to everything you say? We asked the experts

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7, after its battery exploded

Who certified the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 safe? Samsung did

The Galaxy Note 7 and other gadgets that catch fire and burst into flames underscore a problem with safety certifications like UL and CE: Them don't mean as much as you think.
right age for smartphone child asked the experts 082716

How young is too young for a smartphone? We asked the experts

When is your child ready to own a smartphone? It’s a difficult question for many parents. We asked some experts and gathered some stats to help you decide.
Ask An Expert: Is VR Safe For Kids

Is VR too dangerous for kids? We asked the experts

whos tracking your fitness tracker fitbit charge hr

Who’s tracking your fitness tracker? We asked an expert

Screen Time for Kids

Are screens scrambling our kids’ brains? We asked an expert

Are your kids constantly glued to a tablet, smartphone, or TV? Do you know what they’re watching? We asked an expert how much screen time is too much.
What is Wi-Fi

How dangerous is public Wi-Fi? We ask an expert

Internet usage has never been higher and many of us will take a decent connection wherever we can find it, but are we putting ourselves at risk by using public Wi-Fi networks? We decided to ask an expert.
Does blue light really affect your sleep? We ask an expert

Is blue light keeping you up at night? We ask the experts

Are you curious about the impact of blue light on your sleeping pattern? Using smartphones and tablets before bed can have a pronounced negative effect. We’ve been investigating what you can do about it.
microsoft foreign emails data center

How do you preserve your personal data forever? We ask an expert

Do you have a decent backup plan in place? Are you certain that your most precious digital files are going to be preserved?
Hidden Keyboard

How much do online advertisers really know about you? We asked an expert

How do advertisers and other entities track our online activity? We asked an expert what's going on behind the scenes and what else our data could be used for beyond targeted ads.
magnetic car mount steelie

Will a magnet destroy your smartphone or hard drive? We ask the experts

Do we have to keep magnets away from out smartphones and computers? Can they really damage phones and hard drives? We find out the truth.