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Are Android devices really easier to hack than their iOS-based counterparts? Will a magnet actually destroy your hard drive? Find answers to those questions and more in our ‘Ask an Expert’ series.

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Sleep trackers are everywhere, but what do we do with the data they generate? We spoke to an expert to find out whether sleep tracking is beneficial or just giving us sleep anxiety.
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Are you damaging your phone's battery by leaving it plugged in overnight? Is it safe to charge your phone this way? We asked experts and have answers.
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Wireless charging has been steadily growing in popularity. Even though it’s slower that plugging in, the convenience makes it attractive, but is there a hidden cost for battery life? We asked the experts to find out.

Is VR too dangerous for kids? We asked the experts

We’ve investigated the age ratings of VR headsets and talked to optometrists and vision experts to find out if VR is safe for children. These are the potential risks of using VR for kids.
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