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Rose Behar

Rose Behar

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Rose is a contributor at Digital Trends, with a focus on Android. Her work also appears on Android Police and MobileSyrup. In the past, she has written about startups, and worked in the telecom industry. Her passions include narrative games and wireless technology.


Is 5G dangerous? We asked an expert

There's plenty of consumer anxiety about radiofrequency (RF) radiation used on 5G networks. But is it based in reality? We asked experts to find out the truth.
HTC Vive Pro review

5G is the swift kick VR and AR gaming needs to come to fruition

There's a lot of hype surrounding augmented reality and virtual reality, but is it really the next big thing? We take a look at where the relatively new mediums stand, as well as how 5G -- with faster speeds and lower latency -- is poised to help them break into the mainstream.

5G’s promises are real, but like 4G LTE the full rollout will take time

5G is an improvement on 4G LTE, but transitionary periods are never easy — especially when unreasonable marketing hype creates misconceptions. We take a look at how the 5G rollout compares to the 4G LTE one. There are a lot of similarities, which may be reason enough to temper expectations.
android vs ios v apps

5G Android vs. 4G LTE iPhone: Which is the better choice in 2019?

While Android manufacturers release the first 5G handsets in 2019, Apple is expected to hold out for 2020. Should you nab an Android this year and take advantage of the latest in wireless technology or stay in the Apple ecosystem? We list the pros and cons.
Moto Z3

5G phones make a lot of promises. Here’s what to really expect

There has been a lot of marketing copy expounding the potential benefits of 5G networks, but a lot less on the practical implications of 5G smartphones. There's a reason for that. When 5G smartphones start becoming available this year, there's good reason to pause and consider waiting before buying.
5g spectrum variants header dt

mmWave vs. Sub-6: The different types of 5G and how they work

You may have come across the terms “low-band,” “mid-band,” and “millimeter wave” in your reading about 5G. But what do those terms actually mean? In this explainer, we look at 5G on different spectrum ranges and identify what is arguably the largest single innovation behind the fifth generation of wireless technology.
google flutter exits beta design

Google’s design elements may be coming to a lot more apps in the near future

Google's Flutter is now public, allowing developers to use the same code for both iOS and Android apps. It hopes to blow away the competition by offering better performance and robust design tools – which might mean you'll see a lot more apps featuring Google's style language.
samsung galaxy tab s4 review 7

The rise and fall of the Android tablet

In 2018, Android tablets are effectively dead. Google itself shows little interest in stoking app optimization for the form factor. But how did we get here? And is Chrome OS the natural successor to this once-promising market segment? We take a look at the history of the Android tablet thus far.
Android Auto

From the road to your wrist, see how Android has evolved over the past 10 years

Android started out as just a mobile operating system, but 10 years in it's pretty much everywhere. Check out our round-up of all the different Android variations that have cropped up so far, and what might be coming in the future.
HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 / HTC G1 - The first android phone

A look back at the first Android phone, 10 years later

The T-Mobile G1 was a chunky little slider phone that had poor battery life, but even so, it showed potential thanks to an operating system Google acquired called Android. Ten years later, we look back at the mobile phone that started Android's steady march to dominate the mobile market.
Google Pixel 3 XL review

How to sell your old Google Pixel or Pixel 2 for the most money

So, it's time for a new expensive smartphone, and you'd like to partially fund the purchase by selling your old Google Pixel or Pixel 2. You have a number of options to consider. Find all the information you need to get as much money as possible for your Pixel here in our guide.
pocket listen

Pocket transforms articles into podcasts with an assist from Amazon

Read-it-later app Pocket is adding an option to turn articles into easily navigable podcasts with its new app redesign for iOS and Android. The feature relies on Amazon's voice-to-text service Polly. It marks a shift for the app, and an attempt to expand into the world of podcasts.