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Crash Bandicoot 4 stylized gameplay screen.

Crash Bandicoot 4 developer Toys for Bob is going independent

Toys for Bob, the Activision Blizzard studio behind franchises like Crash Bandicoot, Skylanders, and Spyro, is going independent.
A Destiny player slams down on their opponent.

What is anti-aliasing? MSAA, FXAA, TAA, and more explained

Anti-aliasing is one of the most important graphics settings in PC games, and knowing what MSAA, FXAA, TAA, and other anti-aliasing settings are is paramount.
Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Lenovo Legion 9i.

A comprehensive guide to buying a gaming laptop in 2024

Here is everything that you need to know if you are planning to buy a new gaming laptop.
RTX 4060 Ti sitting next to the RTX 4070.

Why you shouldn’t buy the best GPU of last year

Nvidia's current-gen lineup has been dominated by one GPU for the past year, but new graphics card releases are changing that story.
A hand holding the RTX 4090 GPU.

Nvidia is the ‘GPU cartel,’ says former AMD Radeon manager

The former head of AMD graphics has come out with some strong words against Nvidia, calling the mammoth GPU company the GPU cartel.
Two RTX 4070 graphics cards sitting side by side.

I tested the RTX 4070 against AMD’s new RX 7900 GRE — and it’s not pretty

Nvidia's RTX 4070 has been an excellent GPU, but it has stiff new competition in the form of AMD's RX 7900 GRE.
Minthara in Baldur's Gate 3.

The best Mac games for 2024

The best Mac games include everything from low-key indies like Stardew Valley to dense RPGs like Disco Elysium. Here are the best games to try playing in 2024.
A tray of Intel Core Ultra CPUs.

Intel just boosted gaming performance by up to 155%

Intel's driver updates strike again, this time with a performance boost of up to 155% in some games.
NVIDIA Studio laptops with UI

Let’s create: Why NVIDIA Studio laptops are quintessential for content creators

Let's explore why NVIDIA Studio Laptops are quintessential for content creators, gamers, and media enthusiasts. We'll cover every performance boost.
A Steam Collection shows a player's backlog.

How to gift games on Steam to friends, family, and anyone else

It's always a good time to give the gift of gaming! Thanks to Steam's easy-to-use gifting program, you can instantly buy games for friends. Here's how to do it.
Four soldiers walk in front of a blue Super Earth flag in the Helldivers 2 trailer.

Helldivers 2 CEO says DLSS is ‘not necessary’ — and he’s right

The CEO of Arrowhead Games, developers of Helldivers 2, has responded to the lack of DLSS and FSR support in the successful multiplayer game.
The AMD RX 7900 graphics card on a pink background.

AMD RX 7900 GRE review: the best AMD GPU this generation

AMD's RX 7900 GRE is a late-stage addition to the RDNA 3 lineup, but it might be the best graphics card we've seen out of Team Red this generation.
Fortnite characters by a car.

How to track your Fortnite player statistics

Fortnite doesn't do a great job of monitoring your statistics. Thankfully, there are several websites that allow you to access all the data you'd ever need.
Respec with Jacob Roach

Proton and Nier: Automata — the untold story behind what makes the Steam Deck tick

The Steam Deck is a massive hit, but one game changed the trajectory of the device, and Linux gaming as a whole, in a major way.
Two League of Legends characters stare at each other with a heart between them.

League of Legends isn’t as big of a dating don’t as you may think

A running internet meme warns against dating League of Legends players. We asked readers what they really thought of that advice.
Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14.

The new ROG G14 completely upends the Razer Blade 14

Asus' radical new Zephyrus G14 takes aim at the Razer Blade 14, and it comes out on top in a messy battle.
Characters fishing in LEGO Fortnite.

Where to find Vendetta Flopper in Lego Fortnite

Of all the fish in Lego Fortnite, the Vendetta Flopper is by far the rarest in the school. Fear not, because we can teach you the secrets to making the catch.
how to make fishing rod lego fortnite

How to make a fishing rod in Lego Fortnite

It's fishing time in Lego Fortnite! If you didn't get yourself a fishing rod yet, not to worry. Here is how to make yourself all versions of this fishing tool.
The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 with an HDR demo playing on it.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) review: it’s damn near perfect

Asus did something crazy with the 2024 Zephyrus G14, and a series of smart concessions has created a laptop that's more than the sum of its parts.
Yasuo in 2XKO.

2XKO is the League of Legends fighting game’s title

The League of Legends fighting game formerly known as Project L has an official title, 2XKO, and release window.
An Intel Meteor Lake processor socketed in a motherboard.

Intel road map explained: going beyond 2027

Intel debuted an updated road map at its IFS Direct event, showcasing what the company is doing through 2027.
how to uninstall steam games 1

How to uninstall Steam games (and reinstall them later)

This guide will teach you how to uninstall Steam games to help create storage space. There are a few ways to do it, and this guide will show you each of them.
The Corsair K65 Plus Wireless keyboard on a pink background.

Corsair just stepped up its keyboard game — in a big way

Corsair hasn't done much to set its keyboards apart over the past couple of years, but the new K65 Plus Wireless is changing that.
Combat in the game Nightingale.

This might be why AMD’s FSR 3 isn’t picking up momentum

The developers of an upcoming survival game decided to remove AMD's FSR 3 before launch due to unexpected crashes.
Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

The RTX 4090 is past its prime, and that’s OK

The RTX 4090 has been the head honcho of GPUs for more than a year, and despite prices creeping down, it's not worth picking up the GPU right now.
Cyberpunk 2077 on the Asus ROG PG32UCDM.

Asus ROG Swift 32 QD-OLED review: the one we’ve been waiting for

Asus emerged as the unofficial champion of the first wave of OLED gaming monitors, but does it keep the crown in 2024? The PG32UCDM suggests it does.
Xbox's logo used during the Extended Games Showcase

Every key detail from Xbox’s business update: new console, multiplatform games, and more

In a 23-minute podcast, Xbox set the record straight on multiplatform games, its console strategy, and more. Here are all the key details.
EVGA RTX 3060 sitting on a table.

Using an RTX 3060? Here’s the GPU to upgrade to next

While the RTX 3060 is the most popular graphics card in gaming PCs, we rounded up a list of GPUs that can take your gaming experience to the next level.
Nvidia GPU core.

Apparently, ants can eat your GPU now

Ants are eating the thermal pads in GPUs, and this is far from the first time we've heard about the problem.
Fortnite Chapter 2

How to change your Fortnite name on desktop and console

The name that you display in Fortnite is just as important as the skins you wear. We'll teach you how -- and how often -- you can switch up your username.
An island full of puzzles appears in Islands of Insight.

Islands of Insight review: open-world puzzler has infinite potential

Even with a lot of duds, Islands of Insight is a near-infinite puzzle collection for dedicated genre fans.
A window showing Nvidia's Chat with RTX.

All RTX GPUs now come with a local AI chatbot. Is it any good?

Nvidia is taking a swing at making its own AI chatbot by leveraging the power of RTX GPUs -- but it still has some serious quirks.
AMD presenting FSR 3 at Gamescom.

AMD’s FSR 3 compromise just isn’t working

Even a few months after release, FSR 3 isn't in a ton of games. And AMD's frame generation compromise isn't filling the gaps enough.
A scene from Helldiver 2's opening cutscene.

Helldivers 2 PC performance: best settings, performance, crashing

Helldivers 2 is the first time a PlayStation game is releasing on PC and PS5 at the same time. How does it hold up on PC, though?