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Zale and Valere from Sea of Stars

How to change the difficulty in Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars doesn't use a traditional difficulty system, so you'll need to interact with its in-game Relics to design an experience that works best for you.
Key art for Firewall Ultra.

PlayStation VR2 just got 2 fun shooters, but I’m still waiting to be wowed

Firewall Ultra and Crossfire Sierra Squad just released for PlayStation VR2, but I'm still waiting for a VR game that'll really sell me on the headset.
Archie Madekwe looks at David Harbour in Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo isn’t very good, but I want more movies like it

Gran Turismo isn't very good, but I hope to see more films about the video game industry and its impact, not just the games themselves.
A PlayStation Portal boots up.

PlayStation Portal misunderstands remote play and cloud gaming’s appeal

Sony revealed more about the PlayStation Portal but made the device less appealing by ignoring the best parts of remote play and cloud gaming.
Tekken 8's Asuka Kazama posing and looking at the viewer.

Why Tekken 8’s Katsuhiro Harada wishes he was working on Project L

Katsuhiro Harada may be focused on Tekken 8, but his attention is also turned toward Riot's Project L and its free-to-play model.
An exploded diagram of the Audeze Euclid planar magnetic in-ear monitor.

Sony’s acquisition of Audeze is a little baffling

Despite being a leader in personal audio, Sony is acquiring Audeze and placing it within its PlayStation ecosystem under its interactive entertainment division.
Three characters face-off against a larger enemy in Wayfinder,

How to get a mount in Wayfinder

If you're looking to get a mount to ride around the open areas of Wayfinder, you may be disappointed to hear that there's only one way to do so – for now.
Kyros looks at the entrance to the Tomb of the Stone King

How to find the Tomb of the Stone King in Wayfinder

The Tomb of the Stone King is one of the few quests in Wayfinder that doesn't provide you with a marker to follow, but we can tell you its exact location.
Three characters face-off against a larger enemy in Wayfinder,

How to respec in Wayfinder

How you upgrade your abilities in Wayfinder will drastically affect your build, so you'll want to switch things up sometimes. Here's how to respec.
Sony Pulse Explore wireless earbuds for PlayStation.

Sony’s PlayStation wireless earbuds promise audiophile quality for $200

Gaming headsets aren't usually noted for their music performance, but Sony's Pulse Explore wireless earbuds could change that, thanks to some exotic tech.
Astro's Playroom booting up on the PlayStation Portal.

Sony’s cloud handheld, the PlayStation Portal, will only stream certain games

Sony finally revealed the price tag for its PlayStation Portal cloud gaming handheld, but there's a major catch when it comes to games it supports.
Jack in Immortals of Aveum.

How to respec in Immortals of Aveum

You have quite a lot of variety in talents to choose from in Immortals of Aveum, and if you decide you'd like to respec your build a bit, you're in luck.
A person holds up a PS5 controller.

How to turn off PS5 controllers automatically

Sometimes you may walk away from your console for a bit and forget to turn off your controller, but some built-in power savings settings can come to the rescue.
Playstation 5 with a controller.

Does PlayStation 5 have a web browser?

While the PlayStation 5 has made vast improvements in nearly every way, you may find that there's one thing that it has left in the past – browsing the net.
Two versions of the PS5 next to each other.

How to turn off the PS5 beep sound

Want to remove that pesky beeping sound from your PS5? Here's how to rid yourself of it.
Sony Z8H TV

Best Sony TV deals: Get the Bravia XR for $300 off right now

For gorgeous, high-quality TVs, one of the best brands to look for is Sony. We've searched out for the very best Sony TV deals already available.
Sony X90L Review

Sony Bravia X90L TV review: a surprise hit from Sony

Sony's X90 Series TVs have always been a bit of a tough sell for me, with specs outclassed by some much cheaper competitors. The X90L is here to change that.
A PS5 stands on a table.

PlayStation 5 Slim: All rumors and speculation

We all expect a PS5 Slim to come sooner or later, and there are already plenty of rumors to suggest it is on the way. Here's a roundup of the speculation for a new PS5.
Geoff Keighley holding DualSense.

Now’s a great time to buy an extra PlayStation 5 controller

A second Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller is a top necessity in the arsenal of PS5 owners. You can currently get one at $20 off from Best Buy.
A man sits behind the steering wheel in Gran Turismo.

Is Gran Turismo streaming?

Sony's new racing thriller, Gran Turismo, is finally out in theaters. And now we can tell you if Gran Turismo is streaming as well.
Screenshot showing a Cursed Llama exiting a rift

Fortnite: How to find Cursed Llamas and use the Techniques they drop

Finding the Cursed Llamas is only half the fun – it's really the Techniques they drop that are the real prize. Here's everything you need to know about these new powers.
Archie Madekwe as Jann Mardenborough in Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo’s ending, explained

What to know what happens during the ending of Gran Turismo? We've got the details, and an explanation about why this conclusion may prove to be controversial.
The cast of Gran Turismo in an official poster for the film.

Does Gran Turismo have a post-credits scene?

Are you wondering whether you should stick around for the end credits of Gran Turismo? We'll tell you now if Gran Turismo has a post-credits scene!
A knight with a gun in a burning square.

The best PS5 games for 2023

The PlayStation 5 brings big exclusives and third-party games alike. Here are the best PlayStation 5 games to check out.
Baldur's Gate 3 Withers

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a perfect game, until you die

Baldur's Gate 3 would be the perfect RPG if its autosave system worked better.
A character speaks in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 includes a poignant Undertale Easter egg and more RPG nods

Baldur's Gate 3 players are already unearthing its best Easter eggs, but this thematically poignant Undertale reference stands out above the rest.
red dead redemption switch ps4 release date key art

Red Dead Redemption is coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 this month

Red Dead Redemption and its Undead Nightmare expansion are coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 very soon.
Laezel in Baldur's Gate 3

First Baldur’s Gate 3 patch fixes save issues by temporarily cutting a feature

Larian Studios revealed that the preemptively enabled PS5 cross-saving feature was what caused save issues in Baldur's Gate 3.
Sony HT-A7000 Dolby Atmos soundbar close-up of top panel.

Sony’s premium soundbars will finally get support for VRR, ALLM

The one thing Sony's 2022 soundbars lacked was support for HDMI 2.1 variable refresh rate and auto low-latency mode. This fall, that gets fixed.
A character sits in front of a glowing, yellow orb in Elden Ring.

The best open-world games for PS5

The PS5 has a wide variety of games that span many genres. Here, we'll go through the very best open-world games available to play on PS5 right now.
Character landing in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Where to find Combat Caches and how they work

Finding Combat Caches can be useful for obtaining new weapons and healing items, so we'll tell you where to find and capture them before your opponents do.
A man trying to saw another man in half with a circular blade.

What to do with the Plain Ribbon in Remnant 2

This seemingly plain quest item has a very peculiar use in Losomn, but we'll explain how to make the most of it and earn yourself one of two unique amulets.
Legion boss in Remnant 2

How to beat Legion in Remnant 2

This optional boss can pose quite a challenge if you're not aware of how to deal with its unique mechanics. We've got you covered on how to handle him, though.
Sony WF-1000XM5 in silver.

Updating our Sony WF-1000XM5 review

Sony surprised us by sending prototype WF-1000XM5 earbuds for review — and not telling us at first. Here's what happened, and an update to our review.