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sceptre soundpal preview

Sceptre announces the compact, affordable and feature-packed SoundPal Bluetooth speaker

Sceptre's new totally wireless, football-shaped Bluetooth speaker is versatile, but does it provide the necessities we expect from a portable speaker today?
Feenix Aria headphones rear left

Feenix unveils the Aria, a sexy pair of luxury gaming headphones

The incredibly sexy-looking headphone/microphone is chock full of great audio- and comfort-oriented features, along with a conveniently detachable clip mic.
anker mp141 portable bluetooth speaker

Anker’s tiny portable Bluetooth speaker is long on battery life, but will it pack a punch?

Though the portable speaker boasts a variety of features, the 4-watt/2-inch driver is just too small for us to determine, without a demo, how loud it is.
grace digital encore stereo wi fi music system featured

Grace Digital’s Encore Wi-Fi sound system offers smartphone-free Internet radio access

With the Encore Stereo Wi-Fi Music System, you can access more than 50,000 free online radio stations and podcasts, without the usual smartphone conduit.
Apple headphones patent

Apple patent hints at fitness-tracking headphones on the way

The 'phones will monitor heart rate, body temperature, perspiration and more — in addition, you'll be able to control them with a nod or shake of the head.
seespace inair dynamic 3d tv

InAiR augments your TV with live layers of Web content and Minority Report-style manipulation

The simple device plugs between the TV and cable box and, when connected to wifi, displays program-relevant info in a "Minority Report"-style fashion.
qleek transforms digital media into physical form tapps and reader

Can a wooden slab replace the feel of a vinyl LP or hard-cover book? Qleek thinks so

Ozenge is beta-testing a product that allows you to transform a variety of digital media into custom wooden chips that stream media your TV.
Comcast buys Time Warner

Pay-TV operators look to multi-screen strategies in tug-of-war for subscribers

Investing in new kinds of equipment and negotiating with content providers for more distribution rights, operators hope to mollify their customer base.
klipsch drops new cp series 6 featured

Klipsch’s Compact Performance series booms indoors and out

The Indianapolis-based loudspeaker company's Compact Performance Series delivers four tasteful models for homes, businesses, backyards and living rooms.
singtrix promises eliminate embarrassing karaoke performances pic

Singtrix transforms the tone-deaf into karaoke rock stars

The Singtrix karaoke bundle corrects pitch automatically, includes hundreds of professional effects, and is compatible with every song and device.

Netflix’s recommendations will soon be even more on point, with Amazon’s aid

Unlike Facebook and Google, Netflix isn't building GPU farms, instead opting for Amazon's cloud servers as a conduit for its "deep learning" algorithms.
facebook television study wp graphic edited

TV audiences increasingly turn to Facebook for their real-time gossip fix

A study published by SecondSync details the Facebook habits of television audiences — most conversations occur during the episode's original airing.
bragi dash vs samsung gear iconx inuse 01

Bragi’s smart headphones, the Dash, go beyond sound to monitor your whole body

The Dash smart, wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones can track your speed, time, distance, cadence, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and more.
velodynes wi q brings wireless rumble without busting wallet subwoofer

Velodyne’s Wi-Q brings the wireless rumble without busting your wallet

Velodyne's Wi-Q series available in 10- and 12-inch sizes, is wireless, powerful, feature-rich, and a steal at a price-point under $1,000.
berlin boombox bbbx20 mood sneakers edit

Kids want an iPod dock? Make ’em build it themselves with the Berlin Boombox

German designer, illustrator and DJ Axel Pfaender's art project of a sound system is certainly unique, but likely isn't what the audiophile is looking for.
clip sport mp3 sandisk

SanDisk makes one more desperate go at justifying the prehistoric MP3 player

The Clip Sport MP3 player's specs are not far off from where SanDisk was four years ago — the company will be lucky to break even with such a device.
amazon studios first batch 2015 pilots includes one alien lost vets

Amazon follows suit with second batch of original pilots

Amazon added 10 new original pilots to its Amazon Instant Video service today.
comcast going hollywood looks sell digital movies end year xfinity on demand

Comcast closes in on ‘TV Everywhere’ promise with cloud-based DVR launch in Boston

Comcast began rolling out a cloud-based DVR to its Boston customers today as part of an expansion of its premium X1 cable TV service.