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Control Verizon FiOS TV

Verizon wants to send cable TV to wireless devices via 4G LTE

Verizon revealed that it plans to deliver its FiOS pay-TV service to wireless devices via 4G LTE, according to the Radio & Television Business Report.
spotify to sell private concerts and backstage hangouts concert crowd

Spotify wants to sell private concerts and backstage hangouts

Spotify today began rolling out new ways for fans to purchase "experiences" in addition to the typical merch table fare of t-shirts, stickers, and vinyl.
pono player yellow

Now you can own a piece of Neil Young’s Pono project

The company revealed this morning that it has officially opened itself up to accredited investors who wish to purchase shares in PonoMusic to become owners.
Xbox One vs PS4 Stored Media

Xbox One will soon support MKV video playback

Microsoft published an extensive list of all of the codecs supported by the Xbox One TV Tuner that's set for a European release in October. MKV is included.
android TV

Android TV’s quest to dethrone Roku, Apple TV is an uphill battle

An analyst with research firm IHS Technology asserts that Google's new platform could spell serious trouble for Roku devices and Amazon's Fire TV.
cbs news android tv fire apps 360 degree video hw scaled

CBS developing original TV series for services like Netflix, Amazon

CEO Les Moonves revealed in a recent earnings call that CBS Studios is currently developing original TV series with streaming video services in mind.
amazon hires survivor producer phillipines

Amazon taps ‘Survivor’ producer to create its own ‘House of Cards’

Amazon has hired the co-creator of the reality TV shows 'Survivor' and 'The Apprentice' as part of an effort to churn out a successful original series.
hbo rides high netflix stock takes nose dive ceo hastings

Netflix edges out HBO in quarterly subscription revenue for first time

Netflix CEO and founder Reed Hastings announced via Facebook post that the streaming service passed HBO in subscriber revenue during the last quarter.
apple adds beats section to online store applestore

Apple opens dedicated area for Beats within its online store

About one week after the official closing of its Beats deal, Apple has begun offering the popular Dr. Dre brand's products via Apple's online store.
dish updates ui tv anywhere tablet apps new

Dish gives its ‘Dish Anywhere’ app a makeover for iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire

Dish released an update for its Dish Anywhere tablet apps that changes the UI to a more image-centric format with large images on a flat, dark background.
u s video market 123 billion 2015 tv remote

U.S. video market to peak at a whopping $123 billion in 2015

The U.S. video entertainment market has been growing slowly by single-digit percentage points each year, and it's set to peak at $123 billion in 2015.
Apple TV

Losing its mojo? Apple TV sales down significantly from last year

Growth of Apple TV sales has sagged over the past year, falling to a 12-percent annual growth rate with roughly 1.9 million units sold in Q2 2014.
dish subscribers lose channels turner broadcasting contract dispute headquarters

Dish lands A&E’s content vault for its anticipated stand-alone streaming TV service

Dish announced today that it agreed to terms for a multi-year contract renewal with A&E that includes OTT multi-stream rights for live and VOD content.
apple has to pay 348 million in fines for tax evasion italy hq logo

Apple could marry iTunes Radio to Beats Music in rebrand move

Apple officially wrapped up its $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics last week, but the Cupertino company might already be looking to rebrand.
professor designs 3d printed alto saxophone 3dprinted sax

A professor just 3D-printed this nylon alto saxophone, and it doesn’t sound half bad

A professor at Sweden's Lund University, Olaf Diegel, has used the revolutionary 3D printing technology to design a nylon-based alto saxophone.
samsung reveals pga championship app for smart tvs

Samsung crafts a PGA Championship app for its smart TVs

Samsung today revealed its app dedicated specifically to the PGA Championship and built for the company's own smart TVs. The tournament runs August 7-10.
charter will add cloud based ui to set top boxes

Charter announces it will take its set-top boxes to the cloud next year

The Connecticut-based company's CEO Tom Rutledge revealed the news yesterday in the company's second-quarter earnings call.
directv live streaming

DirecTV to deliver on-demand 4K video by the year’s end

DirecTV announced yesterday it is set to offer 4K-quality on-demand video by the end of the year, as well as live 4K streaming next year or by early 2016.
Hulu Plus

Hulu’s free TV episodes are finally on Android tablets and phones

The over-the-top digital video service announced at its Hulu Upfront advertising event today that it will begin offering the free mobile access this summer.
comcast pledges better customer service 20 credit hires 5500 reps van

Comcast service call goes south as customer allegedly pulls a gun

Gloria Baca-Lucero became so upset with unanticipated Comcast service fees that she pulled a handgun on a serviceman during a routine visit on Monday
filmon responds to 90000 fine alki david

FilmOn fires back after judge hits it with $90,000 fine

FilmOn's eccentric CEO Alki David responded after a U.S. District Court judge hit the service with a $90,000 contempt order last Friday.
espn sues verizon over fios custom tv plans xbox mobile interface

Verizon adds 14 more live TV channels to its FiOS TV app for Xbox

The company also revealed that it has opted to no longer require an Xbox Live Gold subscription to stream content with the FiOS TV app via the consoles.
vizio releases 2 1 sound stand 1sound

Vizio’s affordable 2.1 Sound Stand is here to spice up your flat screen’s paltry audio

Vizio announced today the release of its new 2.1 Sound Stand, an all-in-one audio solution that doubles as a pedestal for your flat-panel TV.
lg releases 105 inch 5k tv lg105 16x9

LG unleashes its own 105-inch UHDTV monster to rival Samsung, but won’t talk price

LG has joined the ultra-high-end HDTV party with its new 105-inch, 5K curved TV, one week after Samsung's reveal of its $120,000 105-inch 4K curved TV.
rhapsody adds its 2 millionth paid subscriber iphone t mobile hq

After 13 long years, Rhapsody adds its 2 millionth paid subscriber

Two and a half years after Rhapsody surpassed one million subscribers, the company has now reached two million paying subscribers globally for its services.
sceptre adds dvd to 32 inch hdtvs 32inch

Sceptre’s Easter egg-colored 32-inch TVs now sport an on board DVD player

It's not revolutionary in our book, but Sceptre's addition of DVD functionality to its 32-Color Series HDTVs may be welcome news to parents of young kids.
amazon adds video shorts to instant hq

Amazon’s new Youtube-style video service hopes you’ll stick around for some shopping

Amazon has added a new area to its Instant Video site, called "Video Shorts," that functions as a hub for clips from a number of topics and categories.
apple throw reported 3 billion beats electronics applebeats

Bose sues Apple’s Beats Electronics over noise-canceling headphones patent

Bose has sued Apple's Beats brand over the patents it holds associated with noise-canceling headphones, according to a report from Re/code.
ownphones 3d printed wireless earphones featured

These 3D-printed wireless earphones are tailored to your ears and your lifestyle

OwnPhones are an extremely customizable, 3D-printed pair of in-ear earphones with an app used to customize the earphones to fit each user's ears perfectly.
seinfeld and crackle team up single shots video series singleshots

Seinfeld and Crackle team up for new ‘Single Shots’ video series, instant hilarity ensues

Jerry Seinfeld announced today that he is again working with Sony's video-streaming service Crackle to create a series of vignettes dubbed "Single Shots."
good deal buy chromecast get 20 google play credit table

Chromecast celebrates first birthday with three-month Google Play giveaway

Google is celebrating the occasion by gifting anyone who purchases a Chromecast within the next two months 90 free days of Google's All Access service.
filmon treated as cable provider

Federal judge threatens to hold FilmOn in contempt of court

A federal judge will likely hold FilmOn in contempt of court for continuing operations after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Aereo infringed copyright.
grace digital ecostone buoyant bluetooth speaker blue water featured

Grace Digital’s new Ecostone speaker helps you rock out while you ride the rapids

Ecoxgear, Grace Digital's outdoors-focused arm, began shipping the versatile, the buoyant waterproof Bluetooth speaker yesterday at a price-point of $150.
paradigm releases lp 2 and xl speakers lifestyle lp2 featured

Paradigm’s Millenia LP 2 and XL speakers are as sexy as your flat-screen TV

Paradigm's Millenia LP 2 and the Millenia XL, are designed to snuggle up with that lonely flat-panel in your living room and take over audio duties.