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Quip, a promising, pillow-shaped Bluetooth speaker, vows to not go soft on sound

Over at, the Quip's maker is hoping to gather $340,000 more to reach its funding goal and get the advanced portable speaker out this fall.
new trio wireless speakers from sony srs x9 cw 1200

Sony’s new trio of Bluetooth speakers each have their own special sound

The trio (the SRS-X9, SRS-X7 and SRS-X5) have their pros and cons — the most expensive of the three might not be the best for you. They each serve a niche.
jabra rox earbuds released roxwireless

Jabra’s low-profile Rox Wireless earbuds may be simple, but they affordably do the trick

The Bluetooth- and NFC-compatible earbuds have power-saving magnets on each side — simply click them together (forming a necklace) to conserve battery.
comcast fires back against netflixs poor viewability claims time warner merger

States jump aboard Justice Department probe of Comcast-Time Warner merger

Florida and an undetermined number of states will assist in the Justice Department's probe of the Comcast-Time Warner merger, helping determine legality.
2 1 millenia ct system now shipping paradigm speaker profile

Paradigm’s Millenia 2.1 CT2 is an upgrade on an already stellar all-in-one audio system

This sort of "express" model of Paradigm's MilleniaOne CT system is all you need to bring a big sound to your home theater — it doesn't require a receiver.

The $17,500 Devialet 240 has the audiophile cred to go with its designer looks

The French company unveiled a new line of three insanely top-shelf amplifier-esque "all-in-one" boxes. The 240, 170 and 110 out of an audiophile's dream.

Sunfire’s Atmos is only eight inches tall, but powerful enough blow you out of the room

The subwoofer is supremely beefy despite its size. 8 inches tall with a hefty weight of 40 lbs, the 1400-watt sub has a footprint smaller than an Xbox 360.
amazon set top box to be dongle esque streaming hdmi chromecast feature

Amazon thinks outside the box for streaming service, plans Chromecast-like dongle

The multi-service provider is rumored to be developing a dongle, not a box, for its streaming services.
Comcast buys Time Warner

Pay-TV operators lost more subscribers than they added for the first time last year

A report from Leichtman Research Group details how the 13 largest multi-channel video providers lost 105,000 subscribers in a 280,000-subscriber swing.
morgan stanley report us tv subscribers to cut cord 2014 cutting 3x2

Morgan Stanley study points to a steadily growing number of cord-cutters

A recent Morgan Stanley report indicates cord-cutting is on the rise and is expected to continue rising in the years to come, with young adults leading the charge.
sceptre energy efficient 50 inch led hdtv engrave base edit

Sceptre bolsters its Roku-ready line with an energy-efficient 50-inch LED HDTV

Sceptre has gained a "budget" reputation over the years, but recent moves, including this efficiently bundled, feature-rich TV, may be widening its reach.
netflix 3 new original dreamworks shows julien edit

Netflix adds three DreamWorks originals, including Shrek and Madagascar spin-offs

Included are two spinoffs from the Shrek and Madagascar universes, as well as a reboot of Veggie Tales. Netflix also announced new episodes of"Turbo FAST."
beats music vs spotify dr dre

Rumor: Beats Music just raised up to $100 million to keep up with Spotify

The Santa Monica-based service, whose attempts to edge Spotify come in a variety of forms, released its API just days before this rumored batch of funding.
grace digital 3 play lets everyone pick songs hero 1 close edit

3-Play lets up to three DJs wirelessly rock nearly any audio system

Grace Digital's 3-Play Bluetooth receiver allows up to three users to play DJ simultaneously through nearly any audio system.

Samsung is still king of (smart) TV sales, but Vizio eyes the throne from second place

A recent report from Strategy Analytics details Vizio's strong push in the last quarter of 2013 that led having the second-largest share of the market.
kinivo m2 bluetooth 2 1 speakers sub close up featured

Will Kinivo’s compact M2 Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system sound as good as it looks?

Available for just $70, the M2 could be a solid 2.1 setup. Aesthetically, it's a beautiful rig that easily blends in at both the home and in the office.
popcorn time makes torrenting easy with streaming software edited

Popcorn Time makes piracy so easy, you might not realize it’s illegal

The app for PC, Mac and Linux makes torrenting easier than ever — users can stream high quality rips of old, new and yet-to-leave-theaters movies.
beats music raises 100 million logo edited

Beats Music drops API, hopes other apps will soon bundle in compatibility

Hoping that developers will bundle compatibility into their respective apps, Beats Music has released its API, which includes its 20 million-track catalog.
hbo broadband future 1

HBO has a la carte streaming ready to go … whenever we stop tolerating cable

The network's CEO addressed earlier this week the company's ability to turn on a dime and offer an entirely broadband-delivered content subscription option.
how to record vimeo videos version 1437307236 edited1

Vimeo fishes for filmmakers with $10 million for VOD content

The fund will also help eligible filmmakers with direct financial support and online marketing services, including development and translation services.
vudu and chromecast compatibility edited

You’ll soon be able to “cast” Vudu content onto your TV screen via Chromecast

The Walmart-owned movie rental and streaming service announced today via its blog that users will soon be able to use the Google dongle for Vudu TV-viewing.
Aether smart speaker Cone black front left

Aether’s smart Cone speaker learns what you like to listen to, and when you want to hear it

Aether's upcoming device pulls content from streaming services, Internet radio stations, podcasts and user data via AirPlay, and remembers your preferences.
Yamaha RX-V377 front left

Yamaha’s new 4K-friendly AV receiver lets you keep the surround speakers in the front of the room

The new receiver comes standard with Yamaha's new "Cinema Front" feature, allowing users to position all six 5.1 speakers at the front of the room.
netflix to increase prices for new members as q1 results show profit rise loading feature

Netflix’s new hack pauses video and bookmarks your spot when you drift off to sleep

The collaboration with Fitbit will monitor users' vitals and determine when they fall asleep, wirelessly notifying Netflix to pause and bookmark the spot.

Clio, a nearly invisible speaker, nixes cones to deliver sound with a curved glass sheet

Blending in like a chameleon anywhere in your house, Clearview Audio's new speaker uses unorthodox technology, nixing cones in favor of a glass transducer.
audio aware warns distracted users of dangerous sounds headphones traffic

One Llama is an app that listens for danger when you can’t

The technology, though not quite fully realized, will see its first test run when some of its features are released in the One Llama danger-sensing app.
disney digital movie service movies anywhere edited

Disney unveils its iTunes-hosted, cloud-based film service, Disney Movies Anywhere

The service will allow users to store Disney, Marvel or Pixar film purchases via the cloud, with the help of its KeyChest (akin to UltraViolet) framework.
brookstones big blue party bbp2

Brookstone bolsters its Bluetooth line with Big Blue Party, a sexy indoor-outdoor tower speaker

The Bluetooth speaker tower boasts six drivers, a splash-resistant grille and a sleek, simple design. But its $300 price-point may be a turnoff to some.
bassjump 2 twelve south subwoofer usb 3

The BassJump 2 USB-powered subwoofer adds “oomph” to your MacBook’s thin onboard audio

This USB-powered sub from Twelve South includes software that enables it to blend its bassy low-end with the more trebly output from MacBook speakers.
beewi bluetooth headphones and dock 2

BeeWi’s Bluetooth headphones dock to charge and stream wireless music to your home’s Hi-Fi

Connect the accompanying charging dock to your Hi-Fi system, and whenever you set the 'phones down to charge, your music is rerouted to your speakers.
roku ipo 2014 3

Roku said to be considering an IPO in 2014

The manufacturer of the successful digital media player is contemplating an IPO in the U.S. sometime this year, according to sources close to the matter.
realplayer cloud release logo

RealPlayer transforms into the flexible ‘RealPlayer Cloud’ in a global rollout

RealPlayer has expanded and rebranded to "RealPlayer Cloud" and, with its SurePlay technology, will allow you to share any video on any device, app or not.
pyle audio bluetooth shower head speaker preview in

Pyle Audio’s Gator lets you take calls and kick out the jams in the shower

This hands-free waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Pyle Audio has a noise-cancelling microphone for calls free of shower-static and easy music listening.
amazon sets april 2nd for unveiling apple tv competitor

Amazon readies its potentially game-changing set-top box, aims for March release

The closely followed project that surfaced last April is poised to compete directly with Roku, Netflix and others as the go-to living room content-streamer.