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hulu reveals new remote control experience plus remotecontrol main

New Hulu Plus remote app brings Chromecast-style control to game consoles

Hulu announced this morning that users can now control Hulu Plus on select gaming consoles with iOS and Android mobile devices.
apple has sold 20 million tv units ceo says 1 edited

Apple TV tops 20 million units sold as the set-top battle rages on

The company dropped its Q2 report - which indicated a quarterly revenue of $45.6 billion - and claims to oversee 800 million iTunes accounts worldwide.
sceptre adds color to any room with 32 inch led hdtv 1 done

Sceptre’s new X322XV TV is more colorful than an 80’s music video

The California-based budget HDTV maker's newest addition to its Color Series line is the X322XV, available in pink, purple, pearl white, and black.

AT&T gathers $500 million to launch a new online video service

The telecommunications giant today announced a partnership with The Chernin Group to jointly contribute $500 million toward a new online video service.
samsungs milk music to cost 4 per month for ad free listening 3

Samsung’s Milk Music adds commercials, loses edge

Samsung's new service, which launched early last month with no ads and at no cost, will soon require users to pay $4 for month to nix ads.
comcasts watchathon breaks records with 50 million bingeing hours xfinity watchaton feature

Comcast’s “Watchathon Week” breaks records with 50 million hours of VOD binging

The video on-demand marathon proved that VOD is still a relevant source of content for today's consumer. The event served up more than 3,500 episodes.
Sonos bridge wireless transmitter front angle

Sonos looks to drop its Bridge hub for total wireless autonomy

The multi-room home audio powerhouse is preparing for beta testing that could eventually lead to an entirely wireless SonosNet — minus the $50 Bridge box.
Pono best ever

PonoPlayer’s $6.2 million marks the third best kickstarter campaign ever

After 35 days of funding, Neil Young's PonoPlayer is finally done with the Kickstarter phase. Young now aims for venture capital to get it to market.
roku ipo 2014 3

Roku adds universal search for mobile devices, discloses its users’ top searches

The set-top box maker today let the public have a peek at a short list of its most searched-for titles, and announced a Roku 3 software update rollout.
mohu adds leaf metro to hdtv antenna line 2

Mohu targets urban cord-cutters with its $25 Leaf Metro HDTV antenna

The $25 HDTV antenna has all of the capabilities that make Mohu's other antennae so impressive, but with a slightly shorter signal range.
how to mirror smartphone tv version 1404986108 your television tablet

Research shows people share more photos through their TV than other kinds of media

New research indicates a sea change for consumer behavior in the home. The most popular form of content-sharing between devices is viewing photos via TV.
sunbrite unveils universal outdoor wireless hdtv transceiver hdwt 2

SunBrite beams your favorite content into the yard with its new wireless HDMI transceiver

The SB-HDWT is capable of wirelessly transferring full 1080 HD content to any HDMI-enabled TV.

Kinivo’s BTE40 Bluetooth receiver makes any headphones or home stereo wireless

This Bluetooth receiver can transform any pair of headphones or Hi-Fi system into a Bluetooth-enabled device for a connected multi-room audio experience.
Aereo iPad App

As Aereo nears its moment of truth, new data affirms broadcasters’ biggest fears

The infamous New York-based company now has more ammunition to make big broadcasters quiver: new data predicts a conversion of pay-TV subscribers to Aereo.
Samsung Curved UHD(U9000) Front

Learn to love the curve: Research predicts 6 million curved TVs to ship in 2017

Research by NPD's DisplaySearch indicates a lot of diversification for the global television market within the next three to five years.
urbanears hm team up exclusive trio stylish headphones h amp m 1

H&M and Urbanears let you get your clothes and cans in one stop

The two brands are collaborating to release a line of three pairs of headphones based on Urbanears' Plattan line. The trio has updated fabrics and textures.
webtuner bundles live tv usual streaming new breed set top box adapter feature

WebTuner bundles live TV with streaming services for a new breed of set-top ‘box’

The device is still in the works, but the Redmond, WA-based startup behind WebTuner says its product will benefit both viewers and advertisers/broadcasters.
sonos announces new music service streams cd quality audio play 5 edit

Survey predicts a surge in popularity for wireless speakers and multi-room audio devices

A study by the Consumer Electronics Association found that, despite a low amount of current owners, wireless home audio will eventually become ubiquitous.

Musaic’s wireless hi-fi system can double as home automation hub

If the company meets its Kickstarter goal users will be able to synchronize music throughout all rooms in the home, and possibly even lighting and heating.
big turtle shell beast wireless speaker power bank bigturtleshell final

The Big Turtle Shell wireless speaker is as rugged and waterproof as its namesake

The Bluetooth boombox and power bank — successor of the simpler Turtle Shell from late 2012 — appears to be extremely durable and capable of serious sound.
Bose SoundTrue around ear headphones

Bose aims for style with its Freestyle in-ear and SoundTrue headphones

The reputable audio gear maker appears to be aiming for good looks over audiophile quality with the FreeStyle in-ear and SoundTrue over/on-ear 'phones.
sony adds noise cancelling bluetooth headphones 1

Sony’s affordable MDR-ZX750BN make noise-cancelling Bluetooth cans more accessible

The company's new MDR-ZX750BN is capable of deciding on the best Bluetooth/Noise-Cancelling mode by analyzing the surrounding area's ambient noise levels.
klipsch adds two new in ear headphones to reference line r6i final

Klipsch adds R6 and R6i in-ear ‘monitors’ to its Reference lineup

Klipsch has added two new in-ear headphones to its Reference line, priced at $80 and $100.
lg 77 inch oled curved 4k tv

Study projects 4K will expand like HD, only faster

Research firm Parks Associates released a study this week that predicts the new 4K technology will trace HDTV's 15-year trajectory in a shorter 10-12 years.
amazon sets april 2nd for unveiling apple tv competitor

Amazon denies having a free, ad-supported streaming media service in the works

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week — citing "people close to the company" — that Amazon may have a new media-streaming service in the works.
amazon denies free ad supported video streaming smile

Amazon’s set-top Apple TV competitor looks primed for an April 2 launch

The media giant today issued invitations to an "Update On Our Video Business" next Wednesday in New York. The box is set to compete with Google and Apple.
songza and weather channel collab for synced tunes app feature

Songza, Weather Channel team up to tailor your tunes to the weather

The streaming service, which already uses a thorough context-determining system, now includes algorithms that find fitting songs for your local weather.
Xbox One Epix

Starz and Major League Gaming arrive on the Xbox with new TV Everywhere apps

Microsoft announced earlier this week that Starz would be launching its Encore and MoviePlex Play aps to the Xbox 360 lineup. Xbox One will get an EPIX app.

V-Moda hopes to make “on-ear the new in-ear” with its stylishly practical XS headphones

The $200 pair is equipped with 40mm dual-diaphragm drivers on each side, passive noise isolation, and a stylish yet durable design.
pyle audio gets nostalgic 1000 watt reactor core esque street blaster streetblaster edit

Pyle aims to bring back the glory of the 80’s by putting 1000 watts on your shoulder.

Pyle is dragging the chunky, loud boomboxes of the 80's kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and it looks pretty fun.

MartinLogan’s Crescendo brings sexy back to wireless speakers

MartinLogan's Bluetooth- and AirPlay-enabled Crescendo bring's the company's vaunted Folded Motion tweeter technology to the wireless speaker world.
swann hd remotecam edit

Record videos on the sly with this video camera that looks like a car remote

The HD RemoteCam is the latest entry in Swann's line of "mini video" surveillance devices, and it's capable of capturing 1280x720p AVI video for just $70.

Neptor’s colorful NPSP01-BL is cuter than your Bluetooth speaker

At $50, the Neptor NPSP01-BL seems like a fair deal for those looking for a simple and subtle portable speaker with modern conveniences. Oh, and it's cute.
S1 headphones

Pendulumic’s steampunk-inspired headphones get all post-Victorian on your ears

Brand-new startup Pendulumic is kicking off its career in headphone design and creation with two audiophile pairs: the very similar S1 Stance and M1 Motion.