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New Hulu Plus remote app brings Chromecast-style control to game consoles

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Tired of using a traditional control pad for catching up with your favorite shows on your gaming console? Then you may be in luck, as Hulu just announced that Hulu Plus members will now be able to navigate the site using their mobile phones or tablets as a remote control for select consoles. The move, which Hulu revealed via its blog this morning, essentially takes the easy app control Hulu Plus already offers to Chromecast users and brings it to game consoles.

Hulu’s remote control functionality update is effective today for members using the Hulu Plus app on gaming consoles, including Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 systems. Users simply launch the Hulu Plus app on their iOS or Android mobile device and the app will automatically detect their console. Once users have “cast” their selection to the big screen, they’ll be able to simultaneously browse through other movies and shows on their mobile device to figure out what to watch next – then cast that selection to the screen at any time.

The remote control functionality comes with a variety of controls for easy manipulation of your Hulu viewing: pause, resume, seek, and 10-second rewind. You can press one button to bring whatever’s on the TV back to your mobile device, making it a simple task to continue watching your movie when it’s time to leave the house and hop on the bus.

Of course, many users may already have this basic functionality for Hulu Plus with their Chromecast – a device that’s a whole lot cheaper to pick up than a new Xbox One. Still, if a gaming console is your go-to streaming device, it could be a cool new feature to add into the fold. And Hulu claims it will continue to add mobile device remote control compatibility to more living room components over the coming months. 

It’s now easier than ever to kick back on your couch and enjoy the Hulu experience – especially considering the service’s nabbing of a licensing deal with NBC earlier this month, and Amazon’s recently announced plan to add Hulu Plus to its Fire TV voice search. So check out our current list of “40 Awesome Movies You Probably Didn’t Know Were on Hulu,” or fire up the most recent episode of your favorite show, and get some popcorn going.

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