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You can now watch Hulu inside the Disney+ app

Disney+ homescreen featuring Hulu content.

After a limited beta launch in late 2023, Hulu content is now officially available via the Disney+ app for those who subscribe to both services via the Disney Bundle, according to Disney. To mark the occasion, the Disney+ app icon has been given a new Hulu-esque greenish hue that the company calls “Aurora,” which replaces the previous blue background.

With the launch, bundle subscribers now have access to Hulu content throughout the Disney+ app, including discovery areas like Continue Watching and recommendations.

Disney+ new logo.

“What’s thrilling about the full launch of Hulu on Disney+,” said Disney Entertainment’s president of direct-to-consumer, Joe Earley, “is we’re reducing friction for Bundle subscribers. During the beta, the Hulu content was purposefully isolated to the Hulu Hub, but now it will be fully integrated into Bundle subscribers’ homepages.”

Earley also commented on the success of the beta period in terms of viewership, saying that during the Hulu on Disney+ beta period (December through this week), consumers watched a wider range of content, including adult animation, prestige dramas, and comedies, all of which are considered Hulu’s general entertainment strengths.

Earley also mentioned that Bundle subscribers who have signed up since the beta began are watching more Hulu on Disney+ content than existing Bundle subscribers, which he feels is in indication that the integrated experience is resonating with consumers.

Hulu and Disney+ services will continue to exist as separate entities, each with its own apps, and prices for both the individual services and the Bundle haven’t changed. However, it’s expected that those who only subscribe to Disney+ will begin to see promotional messages within the Disney+ app encouraging them to buy the Disney Bundle, as an extra $2 per month upgrade.

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