Bose aims for style with its Freestyle in-ear and SoundTrue headphones

Bose today announced a new trio of headphones that will likely deliver the consistently high-quality audio that consumers have come to expect from the Massachusetts-based company, but Bose also seems to be aiming for superior comfort and  pleasing aesthetics with this release. The undeniably popular company has revealed via press release its FreeStyle in-ear/earbud hybrid pair of headphones and the stockier SoundTrue pair, available in both on-ear and over-ear styles.

The FreeStyle hybrid pair features Bose’s proprietary StayHear technology — which we first saw with the IE2 and SIE2 in-ear headphones more than a year ago, and again last November when we looked at the QuietComfort 20 and QC20i ANC. The tech, in the form of a small silicone wing-like tip, helps each small earbud spread its contact across the ear and conform to the natural contours for a more comfortable and less pressure-intensive feel (each pair comes with three differently sized pairs, for huge and tiny ears alike). Bose’s product page doesn’t go into too much detail in terms of the FreeStyle’s audio capabilities — though, with Bose’s reputation behind it, we can assume that the pair likely brings an above-average sound, especially considering the $130 price-point. But again, Bose itself admits in the press release that the new trio is aimed at style-conscious customers.

On the over-ear/on-ear side of the trio lies the SoundTrue model, a slightly more expensive model with a $180 price tag, regardless of your over-ear or on-ear preference. Weighing in at less than a third of a pound, both styles come standard with memory-foam cushions and the increasingly-popular  inline remote/microphone on its 66-inch cord. 

The Freestyle are available in Indigo and Ice Blue and the SoundTrue in Black, White and Mint, as well as two-tone designs of Purple/Mint and Black/Mint.

While we can’t get behind the technicalities of Bose’s new headphone trio just yet, we can assume they sound pretty good, based solely on Bose’s reputation and the respective price-ranges. Check back here for updates, as well as more in-depth reviews of the ‘phones once we get our hands on them.