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dropbox adds bubbli growing list photo app acquisitions screenshot 1

Dropbox adds Bubbli 3D tech to its growing list of photo app acquisitions

Dropbox adds to its list of acquired photo apps with the purchase of Bubbli, a 3D imaging app that creates 360-degree panoramic photos called "bubbles."
google stories creates automatic slideshows screen 1

Google+ Stories automatically creates slideshows of your greatest photo, video hits

Google Stories is a new tool that automatically creates personalized slideshows out of your photos and videos.
readyaction body mounts capture pov video with mobile devices 1

Readyaction body mounts turn any smartphone or tablet into a POV camera

The Readyaction mounts attach a smartphone or tablet device to your body, turning your mobile device into a POV camera.
photographer creates streaming backpack 1

N.Y. Times photographer creates backpack that wirelessly streams images back to newsroom

Josh Haner discovered TV journalists had the ability to live stream content wirelessly, so he created a backpack that allows photographers to do the same.
nikon explains new fluorine coating nikkor

Nikon explains how fluorine coating of new 400mm lens helps protect glass

Nikon has released a short video explaining its new fluorine coating, which is able to repel all types of dirt and moisture from lenses.
booq boa flow graphite bag gives roving photographers more storage protection 1

Booq Boa Flow Graphite bag gives roving photographers more storage, protection

Booq's updated Boa Flow Graphite camera bag offers the roving photographer more storage and safety than its predecessor.
amazon awarded questionable studio lighting patent 1

Anyone photographing subjects against a white backdrop may violate Amazon patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Amazon with the "Studio Arrangement" patent, which describes a technique already used by all photographers.
camera drones faa legal drone with

Are flying camera drones legal? Here are the basics you should know before takeoff

Camera drones are becoming more popular, but could flying one land you in trouble? A federal judge says no, but here is some information to consider .
izitru service spots bogus images using forensics hightrust 1

Real or fake? Izitru uses forensic analysis to spot bogus images

Izitru is a new online service that allows users to upload images and test them for authenticity, using forensic analysis.
not a camera is just necklace

Not-A-Camera DSLR necklace is more than a fashion accessory, it’s an actual camera

The Not-A-Camera is a custom necklace made out of wood to resemble a DSLR. However, it's also an actual spy camera that can shoot both photos and videos.
lightcase miniature photo studio lightspace2

Capture professional-looking product shots affordably with Lightcase mini photo studio

The Lightcase is a mini photography studio made for designers or anyone that need high-quality, professional-looking images of their products.
ohio man charged for camera drone use aerial featured

Louisiana produces two bills against aerial drones, but one is already grounded

Louisiana's State Senate created two bills intending to outlaw the use of aerial drones for shooting photos and videos. One bill has already been shot down.
centr camera puts 360 degree panoramic perspective in a small package hand 2 1500x1000

Centr Camera puts 360-degree panoramic perspective in a small package

Centr is a small, palm-sized digital camera that shoots 360-degree panoramas. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign.
fujifilm puts stronger sensor and faster hybrid autofocusing into new x e2 black front high angle 18 55mm featured

Fujifilm X-E2 firmware update decreases viewfinder lag time to 0.005 seconds

FujiFilm has released a new firmware update for its X-E2 camera that enhances the electronic viewfinder performance, decreasing the lag time.
lost computer art of andy warhol discovered image 2

Found! Andy Warhol’s lost art on Commodore Amiga floppy disks from the 1980s

A rare set of computer images created and digitally edited by Andy Warhol on a Commodore Amiga home computer has been recovered, after more than 20 years.
crated is newest online photo market featured

New online photo marketplace offers buyers high quality art, high revenue for artists

Crated is a new online marketplace allowing photographers and artists to sell their art around the world and take part in high revenue sharing.
mit predicts web photo popularity selfie potential

Wondering about your selfie’s popularity potential? Here’s an algorithm to predict that

A researcher from MIT has discovered the properties of the most and least popular images on the Internet.

Getty Images launches to sell its renowned photography as home decor

Getty Images, the stock photo agency, has launched, a collection of creative and renowned photo prints for home and office decor purposes.
new york worlds fair 50th anniversary world s 1

Color TVs? Picture phones? Emerging tech from 1964 N.Y. World’s Fair Remembered

The World's Fair visited New York in 1964, and gave millions of visitors from around the world a glimpse into technology planned for the future.
got broken camera trade toward sony full frame a7 a7r knock 300 alpha rebate featured

Can’t afford to buy a full-frame DSLR or aerial drone? These companies will rent you one

Looking to test out some camera gear before plunging in with the credit card? Try renting first. Several new companies are getting into the rental business.
ohio man charged for camera drone use aerial featured

Ohio man lands a felony charge for not landing his camera drone

An Ohio man faces a felony for refusing to land his camera drone. The situation highlights the problems regarding aerial drone photography.
metabones to release micro four thirds adapter mb spom m43 bm1 03s featured

Metabones adapter mounts Olympus SLR lenses onto Micro Four Thirds cameras

The Olympus OM to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster from Metabones lets you mount SLR lenses onto Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras.
new fujifilm tele converter increases focal length of x100 x100s fuji lens tcl100x

Fujifilm TCL-X100 tele-conversion lens increases fixed focal length of X100, X100S

Fujifilm's new TCL-X100 is a tele-conversion lens that's specially designed for the X100 and X100S cameras.
latest pentax medium format camera utilizes 51 4mp cmos sensor delivers more depth 1397527150 645z solo 01 large feature

Latest Pentax medium-format camera utilizes 51.4MP CMOS sensor, delivers more depth

Ricoh's new medium-format Pentax 645Z now utilizes a CMOS sensor, which allows the camera to achieve photos with greater depth, colors, and shadow details.
nikon to releases nikkor 18 300mm lens dx

Nikon adds revamped 18-300mm telephoto to Nikkor DX-format lens lineup

Nikon gives DX-format DSLR photographers a revamped 18-300mm telephoto lens that's smaller and lighter than its predecessor.
Blood moon

End of days or stellar photo op? Rare ‘blood moon’ eclipses start tonight

On April 15, the first in a series of four lunar eclipses will occur, in which the moon will appear red.
dropbox shut down mailbox carousel app

Dropbox Carousel app organizes media files on mobile devices, backs up to cloud

Carousel is a new iOS and Android app from Dropbox that can be used to organize your collection of Dropbox photos and videos.
slacs high energy camera in development chec module edit

Scientists developing high-energy camera that detects the faintest atmospheric light

Scientists at SLAC are developing a camera to complement the Cherenkov Telescope Array. The camera can detect the faintest light in the night sky.
canon may charge to fix autofocus defects 1dx 1dc

Canon may charge EOS-1D X, EOS-1D C users to repair alleged manufacturing flaw

Due to a possible autofocusing defect in certain full frame Canon DSLRs, customers might end up paying hundreds of dollars to resolve the issue.
first instagram post in space iss from

Astronaut Instagrams first selfie from space

On April 8, astronaut Steven Swanson made history by becoming the first person to post on Instagram, from outer space. That photo? A selfie, naturally.
booq python mirrorless camera case pml grr10 featured

Booq Python Mirrorless keeps camera at-hand, with extra space for phone or tablet

The new Python Mirrorless camera case from Booq provides durable support for your photo gear and easy access to the camera.
photojojo luxi light meter helps find optimal lighting iphone ad9b 0000001396794652 featured

Great images depend on optimal lighting, Photojojo’s Luxi light meter helps you find it

The Luxi light meter from Photojojo is an inexpensive iPhone accessory that helps you accurately measure the light falling on a subject or room.

Windows XP is officially gone, but lives on forever through this ‘blissful’ image

Windows XP is retiring, but the memory of the OS will live on through Charles O'Rear's iconic "Bliss" image, which served as the iconic background image.