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Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Google-commissioned security report paints a bleak picture of Android

In a new security report co-funded by Google, 87 percent of Android devices are potentially vulnerable to one of the 12 known critical vulnerabilities.

Twitter plans to layoff 8 percent of its workforce

Twitter has announced plans to layoffs 336 employees, or eight percent of the workforce, one week after Jack Dorsey reclaimed his position as CEO.
facebook trending fake news blunders mobile

Shop ’til you drop: Facebook shows off shopping feed and new ads for brands

Facebook wants you to shop with the brands you like right in its app. The social network developed new ads and a shopping feed for users to browse through.

Apple snaps up a startup with facial recognition that doesn’t invade user privacy

Apple acquired Palo Alto-based company Perceptio. The startup was developing facial recognition and other photo tech with a focus on privacy.
HTC One M9 back angle

HTC One A9/Aero rumors and news leaks

HTC is rumored to offer a new phone called the Aero or the One A9.
oneplus 2 review 0002

OnePlus promises 60-minute delivery in Bengaluru, India or you get the phone for free

OnePlus is so confident in its Indian delivery service that it will give the phone away for free if it takes more than an hour to deliver.
iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Apple throws selected apps out of the App Store, all in the name of privacy and security

Apple has removed "a few" apps from the App Store for installing root certificates, which allowed traffic from other apps to be moved to a different server.
1176856 autosave v1 whatsapp phone feature

You can now back up all your WhatsApp messages onto Google Drive

WhatsApp and Google have announced a new partnership that allows Android users to backup all their messaging data through Google Drive.
singapore postal service tests drone singpost

Drone postal deliveries could mean the mailman’s days are numbered in Singapore

The national postal service in Singapore has successfully completed a drone delivery mission, sending a package and a letter over two kilometers in just five minutes.
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony once again considers leaving the mobile market if new Xperia phones fail to sell

Sony is very hesitant on selling its mobile unit, but if it continues to stay in the red after 2016 it might consider flogging the unit.
ad blocker use study shows growth adblocker for facebook nyt

Apple approves Facebook and Apple News ad blocker on iOS 9

Apple has gone one step further in its privacy battle, approving an ad blocker capable of intercepting and removing native ads from apps like Facebook.
Apple iPhone 3D touch

This 3D Touch-style tech could mean Android phones will get pressure-sensitive screens

what to expect microsoft lumia surface event version 1444056615 october 6 2015 news 970x0

Everything Microsoft revealed at its Windows 10 Devices event in one helpful list

Microsoft has a lot planned for its October 6 event. Two flagship Lumia phones with Windows 10, the Surface Pro 4, and more devices are expected.
microsoft band 2015 2

The new Microsoft Band offers Cortana integration, VO2 monitoring and Golf cards

Microsoft has announced the second generation of its wearable Band earlier today, with new VO2 monitoring and Cortana integration.

Google forced to unbundle Android apps in Russia

Russia's federal anti-monopoly service has told Google it has one month to amend the way it preloads apps on manufacturer smartphones.
xiaomi mi 5 news version 1454324807 note pro top close

Mi Note 2 could be Xiaomi’s first all-metal smartphone

Xiaomi might be planning its first all-metal smartphone, the Mi Note 2, to launch early next year. A new leaked image shows the all-metal design.
the iphones switch control has opened up a world of possibility for quadriplegic todd stabelfeldt apple iphone 6s 7859 1500x1

New iOS malware in China hijacks apps and forces full-page ads in Safari

A new crop of malware has been spotted making the rounds in China and Taiwan, slyly getting onto devices by offering a way to circumvent Web censorship.
Microsoft Lumia 735

Google plans to launch apps on Windows tomorrow

Google might be planning to support Windows 10 and 10 Mobile tomorrow at Microsoft's event, by announcing a range of apps available for the OS.

Sprint plans to cut jobs to save $2.5 billion in the next six months

An internal memo has revealed Sprint's plan to cut $2.5 billion in costs over the next six months.
apple snubs google chromecast audio invite speaker 3

Google claims Apple Music snubbed invite to Chromecast Audio

Apple apparently snubbed Google's invitation to work on support for Chromecast Audio, its new device capable of making any speaker mobile-friendly.
google alphabet everything to know nest thermostat

Works with Nest program expands to incorporate Weave language

Google's Weave smart home language will be added to Works with Nest, allowing 11,000 developers to make devices talk to each other.

Your complete guide to the League of Legends: 2015 World Championship

League of Legends annual World Championship starts on October 1, scheduled to last for the full month with 16 teams battling out to win the tournament.
sprint iphone forever leasing promotion

Sprint jacks up unlimited data plan prices to $70 per month

Sprint plans to add $10 per month to its unlimited data price, raising it to $70 per month. The new rate will be added in the second week of October.
uber nyc scheduled rides app portland

Uber Hits Roadblock, Major Back-end System Instability

Uber continues its surge worldwide, but as the company adds more services to its app, the stability of the back-end systems is spiralling out of control.

Alibaba partners with FiiSmart to announce Pay Watch, a payments-focused smartwatch

Alibaba has partnered with FiiSmart, a local fitness wearable operator, to create the Pay Watch. It is the e-commerce giant's first smartwatch.
Apple company logo

Apple reveals 25 studios responsible for malware scare

Apple has released a list of 25 apps that were infected with malware in its FAQ on XcodeGhost. The new malicious attack hit China a few days ago.

Google Wallet revamped to let you pay your friends easily on iOS

Google Wallet has been revamped for iOS, now focused on peer-to-peer payments from debit cards to instantly pay friends for debts owed.
pebble smartwatch 2015 news time feature

Pebble has something new to announce, and rumors say it may be a round smartwatch

Pebble will announce a new product this week, and rumors say it may be a circular smartwatch.
xiaomi mi 4c news pink front

Why spend more on a phone? The colorful new, high-spec Xiaomi Mi 4c costs just $205

Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin has confirmed the Mi 4C specifications, release date, and price in a new post.
iOS 9 Hands On

Apple’s iOS 9 update surpassed iOS 8 adoption in five days

Apple's iOS 9 continues to show good results, but compared to previous versions, the rate has dropped once again.

LG Class is revealed with a surprising unibody design

LG is hosting an event on Sept. 21. The star of the show could be the LG Class, a high-class midrange smartphone.
fitbit hipaa compliance fitness tracker

Fitbit teams up with Target to get employees moving, thanks to HIPAA compliance

Fitbit wants to make a jump into the corporate work now that it's received HIPAA compliance to view employee's health information.

Spend the money you save buying the OnePlus 2, and put it towards this gorgeous leather case

google makes hangouts calls to france free in aftermath of paris attacks logo feature

Russia accuses Google of not playing fair on mobile

Google has been found guilty of abusing its position on Android by bundling all of its services into one package and forcing manufacturers to use it.