Spend the money you save buying the OnePlus 2, and put it towards this gorgeous leather case


The OnePlus 2 is one of the cheapest high-end smartphones on the market, starting at $329 for the 16GB model, which should allow most buyers to spend a bit extra on accessories and apps. A new leather case added might be the perfect option for buyers that don’t want their OnePlus 2 scratched. Designed by London-based studio Hard Graft, the Tuscan leather case is available for $99, just under a third of the phone’s price.

What you’re getting for that $99 is a premium leather case, handmade and stitched in Italy. A wool felt inside protects the OnePlus 2 from any scrapes, and also offers room for four cards or loose change. Hard Graft chose a minimal design for the OnePlus 2 case, adding a small logo on the front and some stitching that cuts through the front and back. The ash grey washed leather offers a dry and pale finish compared to some of Hard Graft’s other cases.

This might seem expensive for some customers, but Hard Graft has been committed to designing high-quality cases, bags, and wallets for a few years now. The iPhone cases available in their store cost around the same price as the OnePlus 2 case.

If spending a third of the phone’s price on an accessory seems excessive, then it’s not the only option for the OnePlus 2. The store also contains an official flip cover, protective case, silicone case, Power Bank case, a translucent case, plus a tough Otterbox metallic case; and all are available for a much cheaper price.

These, along with other OnePlus accessories can be packaged alongside your OnePlus 2 purchase, so they don’t come early while you wait for an invite to buy the actual smartphone. This is an important point, because the young Shenzhen-based company is still running into problems with production. There are millions of people that want a OnePlus 2, but the company seems incapable of meeting that demand.