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The Ryzen 9 7900X sitting against a box.

Everything you need to upgrade to Ryzen 7000

Ryzen 7000 is a departure from AMD's last several generations. If you want to upgrade, here's everything you'll need.
Drop Sense75 keyboard sitting on a black table.

Why Drop’s new custom mechanical keyboard is such a big deal

Drop, the company known for enthusiast keyboards and audiophile gear, is making a big return with its first in-house keyboard in over three years.
amd ryzen 7000 everything we know so far cpu render

Why AMD’s Ryzen 7000 price cuts are so important

AMD released details about its Ryzen 7000 processors, including an interesting change. Some processors are actually cheaper than last-gen parts.
A group shot of Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

AMD says the $300 Ryzen 5 7600X beats Intel’s best by up to 17%

AMD pulled back the curtain on its Ryzen 7000 CPUs, claiming that even the $300 Ryzen 5 7600X offers up to a 17% improvement over Intel's current flagship.
AMD CEO holding a Ryzen 7000 processor.

Everything announced at AMD’s Ryzen 7000 launch

AMD wrapped its Ryzen 7000 launch. Here's everything that was announced and a replay of the show in case you missed it.
time to upgrade gaming cpu read this first respec

Think it’s time to upgrade your gaming CPU? Read this first

Intel and AMD are expected to launch new generations of processors in the coming weeks, but should gamers care? We break down everything you need to know.
Destiny 2 skins in Fortnite.

Why the Destiny 2 and Fortnite collab makes perfect sense for Bungie

Destiny 2 and Fortnite are collaborating, and while it may seem like a strange fit, the collab makes perfect sense.
Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Alienware 34 QD-OLED.

The best HDR monitors for gaming, content creation, and more

When it comes to good HDR, nothing less than the best HDR monitors will do. Here are the displays gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts should look out for.
RTX 3080 graphics card on a pink background.

Here’s why people are saying the Nvidia RTX 4090 isn’t worth waiting for

Nvidia is expected to launch the RTX 4090 later this year, but leakers and industry insiders suggest it might not be worth waiting for.
Key art for Destiny 2 Lightfall.

The next year in Destiny 2 is ‘the beginning of the end’

The Destiny 2 showcase just wrapped, which included a trailer for the upcoming Lightfall expansion, a peak at the new season, and a Fortnite collab.
Intel Arc A750M Limited Edition graphics card sits on a desk.

Bad news: Intel’s Arc GPU issues run much deeper than performance

Intel's Arc driver issues are compounding, and we now have a view into how deep the root of the problem goes.
Intel Meteor Lake chip.

How 14th-gen Meteor Lake plans to deliver on Intel’s road map

Intel gave the world a closer look at Meteor Lake during Hot Chips, and it finally realizes the road map Intel laid out last year.
The MacBook Air on a table in front of a window.

Apple MacBook Air M2 buying guide: don’t buy the wrong one

The MacBook Air M2 has two models, and the choice between them seems simple enough. But buying the wrong one could vastly impact your speed.
Samsung M8 Smart Monitor with the Digital Trends logo.

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor review: the display ultimatum

The Samsung M8 is a TV and a monitor in a single screen, but its jack-of-all-trades approach isn't the best fit for everyone.
Intel Raptor Lake chip shown in a rendered image.

How Intel laughs in the face of thermal throttling (but probably shouldn’t)

Intel's 16-core HX processors are the best of the best, but that comes at the cost of pushing against a thermal wall that could become a problem in the future.
Back view of Samsung's new QLED Odyssey gaming monitor sitting on desk.

Why the Samsung Ark won’t catch on like the Odyssey G9 did

Samsung's new Ark display solves a similar problem as the Odyssey G9 Neo, but unfortunately, it won't catch on like the super ultrawide did.
An Alienware + Windows 11 PC gaming setup.

How to optimize Windows 11 and Windows 10 for gaming

Windows is the place to be for PC gamers, but it's not perfect for gaming out of the box. Here's how to optimize your Windows 11 laptop or desktop for gaming.
Samsung Odyssey Ark vertically

I tried out the incredible Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor, and it has one big problem

Samsung's 55-inch vertical Odyssey Ark is coming soon, but it has a big problem standing in its way: Windows and MacOS.
why playing marvel spider man on amd gpu disappoints respec featured

Why playing Marvel’s Spider-Man on an AMD GPU is such a disappointment

Marvel's Spider-Man launched with support for AMD's FSR 2.0, and the game shows a side of the upscaling tech we haven't seen before.
Spider-Man rests on the side of a building in Spider-Man Remastered.

Marvel’s Spider-Man PC: benchmarks, best settings, DLAA, and more

Marvel's Spider-Man is now available on PC. Here's how to find the best settings between ray tracing, DLSS, and graphics options.
A custom keyboard sitting among keycaps and switches.

I built my own gaming keyboard for the price of buying one — and it’s so much better

Gaming keyboards continue to get more expensive. It's time to ditch mainstream brands and build your own keyboard that will last a lifetime.
MSI GT77 Titan with the Digital Trends website up sitting on a table.

MSI GT77 Titan laptop review: a hot, expensive gaming monster

The MSI GT77 Titan is among the first laptops to feature Intel's 16-core Core i9-12900HX, but its astronomical price struggles to justify modest gains.
nvidia dlss isnt magic and this fsr hack proves it respec

Nvidia DLSS isn’t magic, and this FSR hack proves it

A modder discovered how to hack FSR 2.0 into DLSS games, and it reveals just how similar the two are after all.
The Sony InZone M9 sitting next to a PlayStation 5.

Sony InZone M9 gaming monitor review: the ultimate PS5 HDR monitor?

If you're looking for a PS5 monitor, the Sony InZone M9 is an obvious choice. But its excellent HDR performance makes it ideal for PC gamers, too.
Dough Spectrum 4K Glossy sitting on a desk with RGB lights.

I switched to a glossy gaming monitor, and I can’t go back

Eve (now Dough) released the Spectrum 4K more than a year ago, but the glossy version takes the gaming experience to a whole new level.
razer deathstalker v2 pro review 06

Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro review: back from the dead

Razer is bringing its DeathStalker keyboard back from the dead after a decade-long hiatus, but version two feels too expensive for the times.
Colt shoots an enemy off their feet in Deathloop.

How to check your fps (frames per second) in games on PC

If you want to see how your PC is performing, you need to check your fps, or frames per second, while playing games. Here's how to do it.
Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition on a pink background.

Don’t believe the hype — the GPU price cuts are a lie

Nvidia graphics cards received a price cut a couple of weeks back, but all the GPUs that actually matter are still selling for above list price.
HyperX Cloud Mis Earbuds sitting on a table.

I have proof that low-latency headphones actually made me a better gamer

Audio latency is a killer for gamers, at least according to marketing. But how much of a difference does it actually make when you're in the heat of battle?
The Boss shooting at police in Saints Row.

Saints Row doesn’t evolve the series, but it never needed to

Saints Row doesn't push the series or open-world games forward, but it's so fun that it hardly matters.
The main cat from Stray looking into the foreground with cyberpunk buildings behind him

Stray stuttering on PC? Try these 3 tricks to fix it

The recently released cat adventure Stray is out on PC now, but it's plagued by stuttering issues. These three fixes could improve your experience.
Alienware m17 R5 laptop sitting next to a headset.

Alienware rolls out the first 480Hz laptop displays

Dell revealed the first gaming laptops with 480Hz displays, and they're available to purchase now with several AMD and Intel configurations.
Corsair Xeneon 32 running Deep Rock Galactic.

Corsair Xeneon 32UHD144 review: A great gaming monitor, at a price

Corsair's first 4K gaming monitor impresses with excellent color due to the Quantum Dot layer, but HDR performance lags behind new monitors hitting the market.
Outlook web app on laptop.

Microsoft Outlook is back online, router to blame for outage

After being down all morning due to an issue with a router, Microsoft says Outlook is back online for all users.