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A slide from an Apple presentation saying "Dynamic Caching."

Nobody knows exactly how the M3’s Dynamic Caching works, but I have a theory

Apple's Dynamic Caching is one of the most technically dense features the company has ever revealed. Here's our best understanding of it.
A 24-inch iMac with Civilization VI running on it.

Apple has everything it needs to dominate gaming — except games

Apple's M3 could be a gaming powerhouse with its redesigned GPU, but there's just one problem: there aren't a ton of games on Mac.
Apple's M3 chip family.

The M3 is the most important chip Apple has ever made

We expected for Apple to release the M3 during its "Scary Fast" event, but there's a lot more riding on it than raw performance.
Apple revealing new Macs at an event.

Everything announced at Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event: iMac, M3, and more

Apple's unexpected fall event is over, and it was packed with announcements centered around the M3 chip and new Macs. Here's everything that was revealed.
Logos for Apple's M3 chips.

Apple’s new M3 looks fast, but will it really be worth the upgrade?

Apple finally debuted the M3 processor after months of rumors, but how does it hold up to the M2? We break down all of the details.
Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Samsung Odyssey OLED G9.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 review: I want to buy it

The Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 provides the most immersive gaming experience money can buy, even if that means dealing with a few strange quirks along the way.
Alan Wake 2 running on the Samsung Odyssey OELD G9.

Alan Wake 2 is proof that more PC games need a potato mode

Alan Wake 2 is one of the most demanding games out right now, and it's a testament to the fact that more PC games need a cutback graphics mode.
Intel Core i5-13600K installed in a motherboard.

I tested Intel’s Core i5-14600K against its cheaper sibling. Don’t waste your money

Intel's new Core i5-14600K is positioned as a midrange champ, but it can best last-gen's Core i5-13600K? We put them head-to-head.
Alan drenched in green light in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 on PC is an embarrassment of riches

Alan Wake 2 is finally out on PC, and for as much of a PC tech showcase as the game is, it still carries a handful of issues.
Steam Deck with the Dbrand Killswitch case.

This is the one accessory every Steam Deck owner should buy

There are dozens of accessories to customize your Steam Deck, but if you're going to buy one, it should be Dbrand's Killswitch.
Qualcomm representative unveiling a new chipset.

Qualcomm says Oryon chips are faster than Macs’, but we’ve been here before

Qualcomm finally debuted its first Oryon chip for Windows laptops after two years of waiting, but we've been down this road before.
Man using a 24-inch M1 iMac.

Apple’s next Mac event promises ‘scary fast’ reveals

Apple has finally confirmed its fall event, where we believe the company will launch new Macs. Here's what we know so far.
The Hyte Y70 PC case with a touchscreen.

This PC case has a touchscreen, but it’s way more than a gimmick

Hyte's new Y70 Touch includes a 10-point touchscreen, but its advancements in case design are what make it truly shine.
Alan looks surprised in Alan Wake 2.

23% of PC gamers probably can’t play Alan Wake 2. Here’s why

Alan Wake 2 looks like a demanding game, but new details reveal just how taxing the upcoming Remedy title could be.
The ultrawide Alienware 34 QD-OLED against a backdrop.

Alienware is playing coy with its two new QD-OLED monitors

Alienware teased two new QD-OLED gaming monitors, which should launch in January of next year. Here's what we know about them so far.
windows isnt future of handheld gaming pcs dt respec holding back

Windows is holding back the future of handheld gaming

Handheld gaming PCs are getting increasingly popular, and although some rely on Windows 11, that OS isn't the future for this form factor.
Nvidia's RTX 4070 graphics cards over a pink background.

This underrated Nvidia GPU is still the one to buy

We have full product lineups from AMD and Nvidia now, and with the launches behind us, there's one clear GPU that stands above others.
Razer Core X Chrome next to a MacBook.

The best external GPUs for your laptop in 2023

The best external GPUs offer the power you need to turn your laptop into a full-fledged desktop. Here are the top five options.
A person holding the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X.

AMD’s new CPUs decisively end the high-performance battle with Intel

AMD revealed that it's bringing Threadripper CPUs back to high-end desktops, and Intel still doesn't have a way to compete.
An AMD GPU and CPU, sharing power while gaming.

AMD finally announced the GPU I’ve waited months for

After several quiet months, AMD is stepping up to the plate with a new laptop graphics card that squarely targets the RTX 4080.
Intel Core i9-13900K held between fingertips.

I tested the Intel Core i9-14900K against the Core i9-13900K, and it’s not pretty

Intel's new Core i9-14900K is the fastest desktop CPU from Team Blue, but is it worth upgrading from the Core i9-13900K? We break down the differences.
Intel Core i5-14600K processor inside its socket.

It’s the end of an era for Intel

After 15 years with the same branding, the launch of the Core i9-14900K and Core i5-14600K mark the end of an era for Intel.
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D installed in a motherboard.

The best processors in 2023: AMD and Intel CPUs duke it out

The best processors include options from AMD and Intel, but only a select few are worth your time. Here are the best CPUs to consider for your next build.
Intel Core i5-13600K installed in a motherboard.

The best Intel processors for 2023

Now that the Raptor Lake refresh is here, it's time to revisit the best Intel processors on the market. And buyers are spoiled with options right now.
Intel Core i5-14600K processor inside its socket.

Intel Core i9-14900K and Core i5-14600K review: a solid stopgap

Intel's new Core i9-14900K and Core i5-14600K close the gap with the competition from AMD, but they provide little reason to jump ship.
The AI features in Windows 11 for Teams

In the year of AI, is background blur really the best we can do?

2023 has definitively been the year of AI, but with a new generation of hardware promising AI accelerators, what will we actually use them for?
Lenovo Legion 9i front view showing RGB lighting.

Lenovo’s Legion 9i is a 10. Here’s why it beats every other gaming laptop

The Lenovo Legion 9i manages to nail almost every aspect of being a desktop replacement, all without sacrificing being a solid laptop.
The Hyte Y40 PC case sitting on a table.

As a pro PC builder, here are 5 building tips no one tells you

You can dig up hundreds of guides on how to build a PC, but they don't cover some minor tips that are critical to keep in mind.
Counter-Strike Global Offensive running on the Alienware 500Hz gaming monitor.

AMD’s new anti-lag tech could land you with a ban in games

It's confirmed: Using AMD's new Anti-Lag+ feature in Counter-Strike 2 will result in your account being banned.
The Command Prompt on screen during Windows 11 installation.

This simple keyboard shortcut could save you when installing Windows 11

Windows 11 includes a ton of useful shortcuts, but what do you do when you're stuck in the installer? This shortcut can help you out of a bind.
Motorcycles chasing in Watch Dogs Legion.

All ray tracing games on PC: AMD Radeon and Nvidia RTX ray tracing

Nvidia RTX ray tracing helps the lighting in games look more realistic, but only certain games support the feature. We rounded up all of them.
Uncharted Legacy of Thieves collection running on Samsung Odyssey Neo G8.

4K gaming monitors are getting cheaper, but I still won’t buy one

Over the past couple of years, the prices of 4K gaming monitors have dropped dramatically. But you still shouldn't buy one.
Sony InZone Buds sitting among other earbuds.

Sony just made all other wireless gaming earbuds obsolete

Sony's new InZone Buds are the first true wireless earbuds that meet the bar for a premium, low latency gaming experience.