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Jeff Saginor

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Jeff is a New Yorker living in Washington, DC. He writes about technology and policy.

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Mo investors, mo problems: Why Wall Street strangles innovation at tech companies

Dell computers used to be really cool. I remember waiting for the UPS guy to deliver my first Dell desktop, a Dimension 8100 with a 15-inch CRT monitor that looked like it could have stopped a rocket-propelled grenade. I was so excited…

Sorry, the only safe sexting is no sexting

Few people want their every word and move to be recorded forever, but as Snapchat's failure proves, it's almost impossible to wash away the footprints you leave in the online sand.

What does Google get from supercharging Kansas City’s Internet?

Google Fiber hopes its gigabit Internet will revolutionize the web — just not in the way that you might think
Home Theater

Why I still miss Blockbuster

Streaming technology has come a long way since the early days of Netflix, but why is it still so hard to get what you want?

Duracell Powermat 24 Hour Power System: Inductive charging for iPhone

Duracell Powermat has upped its inductive charging game with the 24 Hour Power System — but what will it take to really make the powermat mainstream?

Why the death of Windows Live may save Microsoft

The end of Windows Live — and everything the name represents — may be the thing Microsoft most needs to stay alive and healthy.