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oracle By Peter Kaminski via Flickr

The Java browser plugin will die later this year

The Java browser plugin, which allows certain applications to run in your browser, is being retired later this year. It was a common security vulnerability.
hack for her summit microsoft women in tech conference

Microsoft hosts first ‘Hack for Her’ summit in effort to address tech’s diversity problem

A Microsoft-organized summit made the case that tech companies need women if they want to stay competitive. Microsoft itself has work to do.
avtest antivirus windows most effective bitdefender ceo florin talpes

Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Avira are the best AV suites out there, according to AV-Test

Av Test compared 20 antivirus programs for Windows; Kasperksy, Avira, and BitDefender top the list. At the bottom: ThreatTrack and Comodo.
cheetah mobile cm launcher microsoft cortana news lumia voice software

DId you pick up the milk? Cortana can remind you what you've promised

Cortana now scans users' outgoing emails for commitments, then reminds the users later. Say you'll "pick up milk at 7 tonight" and Cortana will remind you.
Apple OSX El Capitan Office

Microsoft launches Office Insider for Mac users, promising early updates for enthusiasts

Office Insider is no longer Windows-only. Mac users can now opt in to get early updates for Office for Mac 2016, and test new features in Office apps.
Toshiba P20W CST3NO1 laptop

Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 (2015) review

jaguarboard intel processor pi alternative jaguar board

JaguarBoard is a $45 Intel-powered Raspberry Pi alternative

The Raspberry Pi is great, but requires an ARM-based OS. The JaguarBoard is a similar device with an Intel processor, so it can run Ubuntu or Windows 10.
putin adviser torrent site klimenko vladimir russian president king

Putin’s Internet adviser owns a torrent site

Herman Klimenko, Putin's Internet adviser, made headlines by suggesting copyright owners shouldn't "terrorize" Russians. Turns out he owns a torrent site.
nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti performance 3dmark 11 gpu z booth sign building headquarters

Rumor: Nvidia 980MX and 970MX updates coming this summer

Nvidia will release the Geforce GTX 980MX and 970MX this summer, according to rumors. The GPUs will bring mobile gaming a little bit closer the desktop.
these five new features will make your respect os x el capitan you

Apple’s 661MB El Capitan update somehow includes no new features

Apple released an update for its El Capitan OS today, but don't expect anything new. This is a straight-up security and stability update.

Mac malware: researcher shows Gatekeeper flaw just plastered over, not repaired

The fatal flaw in OS X's Gatekeeper security feature hasn't been fixed. Apple blocked some specific malware, but didn't fix the underlying problem.
13tb solid state drive fixstars flixstars

Fixstar is shipping a 13TB solid state drive next month, but it isn't cheap

For $13,000 you can buy the largest solid state drive on the market -- over twice the size of what leading competitors are offering.
google said to be planning new messaging app that uses ai headquarters sign

Google’s Project Zero chastised Trend Micro over security vulnerability

An exploit in Trend Micro's password manager didn't just leave your passwords vulnerable: It let any site run arbitrary code on your computer.
dell inspiron 3000 cheap laptop dellinspiron11

Dell announces a $200 Windows 10 laptop: the Inspiron 11 3000

Dell is entering the crowded $200 laptop market with an all-new Inspiron 11 3000 it claims is a great supplement to carry alongside your phone.
ionvr headset 3d camera mobile mainstream fb

Finally, a VR headset you can wear without bumping into things

Go ahead: try to look at your hands. With an Intel Realsense camera, the IonVR headset can actually show them inside a virtual reality environment.
hps new elitebook folio is a half inch thick laptop with 4k display g1

HP’s new Elitebook Folio is a half-inch thick laptop with a 4K display

HP's line of aluminum body Elitebook laptops are lightweight without compromising on power, all starting at around $1,000.
windows surface hub delayed 2016 microsoft 4284 cropped a

Surface Hub, Microsoft’s $9,000 wall-mounted touchscreen, is delayed yet again

The Surface Hub is a wall-mounted touchscreen all-in-one. After two delays, Microsoft announced a third, and a pretty steep price increase as well.
nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti performance 3dmark 11 gpu z booth sign building headquarters

Virtual reality fans should upgrade their Nvidia GeForce drivers today

If you use Nvidia GeForce cards for your virtual reality setup, update your drivers today. Gameworks VR 1.1 brings SLI to OpenGL titles, and the Oculus SKD. 
how to update iTunes

Leaving the iTunes Music Store open can kill your Mac’s battery life

If your Mac's battery is dying quickly, try closing the iTunes Music Store. For some reason just leaving it open can eat up a bunch of CPU. 
windows 10 insiders will get their hands on microsoft edge extensions this month feature

Code for extensions already exists in Windows Edge, but it doesn’t work

Digging around the code of the latest version of Microsoft Edge, a Twitter user managed to find references to extension. Further digging revealed a pane.
dell inspiron 11 3000 series 2 in 1 special edition review feat2

Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1 Special Edition Review

akamai survey q1 2017 crowd on internet browsing laptop mobile tablet app device

When it comes to Internet speeds, the USA is number 16 worldwide

The average global internet speed is 5 megabits per second. America, meanwhile, enjoys the 16th fastest connections on the planet at 12.6Mb/s. 
adobe exploit scarcruft heartbleed bug hacker

Google employees discovered how to hack a corporate network just by sending an email

Google's Project Zero discovered a zero day exploit in FireEye security software. A single email could have allowed hackers to monitor all network traffic.
transcend ssd370s review hero

Transcend SSD370S review

could this browser extension make you a speed reader reading on computer

ReactOS, a 17 year quest to build an open source version of Windows, has a new release candidate

Imagine an open source alternative to Windows compatible with Windows software. That's the goal of ReactOS, and they're nearing a important release. 
office planner 365 released preview microsoft

There's a brand new Microsoft Office app: Office 365 Planner

Some Office 365 users can try out a brand new application: Office Planner 365. It features cards you can organize on boards, similar to Web app Trello.
crucial bx200 960gb ssd review bx 200 hero1

Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review

MacBook Pro 13 with Retina

More people than ever are using Macs at work, and IT experts think that will only increase

A survey of IT professionals reveals they are increasingly supporting Macs, and suspect Mac sales will keep growing in corporate environments. 
cheetah mobile cm launcher microsoft cortana news lumia voice software

Cortana might escape the search bar next year, float around the desktop

Cortana in Windows 10 is limited to the search bar right now, but that's reportedly changing in summer 2016. Cortana will float as you use the OS. 
china cyber attack

Suspected botnet tried to break the Internet by attacking root DNS servers

5 million queries a second. That's the scope of a DDoS attack launched on the root DNS servers that make the Internet possible. It didn't work. 
microsoft open sources graph engine microsoftlogo

Microsoft employees give Live Writer, the beloved blogging app, a open-sourced second chance

Windows Live Writer is a much loved blogging app that Microsoft seemingly abandoned in 2012. It's coming back as the open-source Open Live Writer. 
google fiber van

Google announces potential Fiber launch in Los Angeles, Chicago

Google is eyeing two of America's biggest cities for potential expansion. Los Angeles and Chicago are both potential sites for the gigabit internet. 
AMD Radeon

AMD announces HDR support for gaming, will bring FreeSync to HDMI

AMD's upcoming HDR support mean soon you'll be able to game with more colors. The company also announced their Freesync standard will support HDMI in 2016. 
firefox os

Eight months of ads in Firefox are coming to an end

Mozilla upset users by adding paid "Suggested" sites to the new tab page. Now that program is coming to an end. Will users come back?