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Techies adore the HoloLens. Now Microsoft wants to win over grease monkeys

Clackamas Community College hope to add a new tool to their automotive curriculum: Microsoft's HoloLens. We sat down with the people behind this project.
mac update breaks ethernet fix apple port

Ethernet broke on your Mac? You’re not alone, here’s the fix

Somehow Apple managed to add the Ethernet driver to a list of banned kernel extensions, meaning many Mac users can't use wired connections. Here's the fix.
A telephone pole at dawn.

AT&T is suing the Louisville Metro Council over Google Fiber

AT&T says the Louisville Metro Council has no right to regulate telephone poles, so it's suing over an ordinance that gave Google Fiber easy access.
transcend ultrathin 1tb solid state drive m 2

Transcends builds tiny 1TB M.2 solid state drive for super-thin laptops

Transcend now offers a 1TB version of their ultrathin MTS800 solid state drive, meaning you can put a lot of really fast storage into your laptop.
ads windows 10 lock screen features users wanted added v2

Ads pop up on Windows 10 lock screen, and it's not malware: Microsoft put them there

Windows 10 users are starting to see ads pop up on the lock screen, in some cases taking up the full screen. Here's how to turn those ads off entirely.
keranger ransomware mac users macbook shot

Is Siri finally coming to the Mac in OS X 10.12 ‘Fuji’?

Mac users could be asking Siri for help as soon as October, if rumors are true. 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple plans on adding the AI assistant to OS X.
Asus Sign Logo

Asus settles FTC lawsuit over flawed router file security

Asus is settling and FTC lawsuit regarding their routers out of court, agreeing to establish a security program subject to audits.
hololens ui first look leak actiongram holo lens interface

Leaked video shows off HoloLens UI, including how to launch apps

For the first time we know what the user interface for the HoloLens will look like, thanks to a leaked tutorial video for something called Actiongram.
huawei matebook vs ipad pro

Why the Windows 10-powered Huawei Matebook beats the iPad Pro

Huawei's Matebook is its first tablet, and it's a very strong competitor for the iPad Pro. Here's a spec-to-spec comparison of these two huge tablets.
14 problems mac os x 10 11 el capitan fix apple osx hero

OS X 10.11.4 will bring Live Photos to the Mac

The upcoming El Capitan update 10.11.4, available now as a developer beta, focuses on security and stability improvements. But there are two new features.
linux mint carried malware on february 20 2016 screenshot

Linux Mint came with a dash of malware over the weekend

If you downloaded Linux Mint on February 20 2016, there's a good chance there's a malware back door included. Delete the ISO, and re-format your computer.
intel mini pc nuc apollo lake celeron processor logo

Intel denies 10-nanometer chips are delayed, says they’re on track for late 2017

Despite a job posting that seemed to imply otherwise, Intel reps say the company is still on schedule to sell 10nm chips in late 2017.
web of trust privacy investigation password man with computer security

Americans know they shouldn't share their passwords, but do it anyway

Most people know that sharing passwords isn't smart, but 95 percent of Americans do it anyway. The most common shared passwords: Wi-Fi and streaming sites.
windows store laptop

Even its most loyal developers think the Windows 10 Store is a flop

Can you make a living selling apps in the Windows Store? At least one prominent developer says no, but that doesn't mean he thinks the platform's useless.
perdix drone swarm the pentagon united states department of defense

US Department of Defense to launch a massive Windows 10 deployment, upgrade 4 million PCs

The U.S. Department of Defense, which Microsoft calls one of the largest enterprises anywhere, is upgrading four million PCs to Windows 10 in the next year.
toshiba mn series hdds hard drive disk computer storage

Seagate’s drives are improving while Western Digital’s aren’t says cloud backup firm

Seagate's drives are becoming more reliable, as Western Digital drives seem to be getting worse, according to data from cloud storage company Blackblaze.
seagate crams 2tb of storage into a drive as slim an iphone 6 7mm feature

Seagate's new super-thin, 2TB hard disk proves mechanical storage isn't dead yet

Seagate is hoping that a 7mm thick hard drive offering 2TB of storage space will convince laptop makers to give conventional hard drives another change.
how to use windows task manager header

Here's every trick the Windows Task Manager can pull off

The Task Manager and Resource Monitor are crucial tools, whether you want to close a non-responsive app or learn more about your PC. Here's how to use them.
windows 10 adoption slowing home screen user

Have something to hide? Here’s how to make it disappear in Windows

It's not that tough to render a file or folder invisible in Windows, nor is it difficult to outfit it with a little encryption. Here's how to do so.
raspberry pi

Want to play GTA V on your Raspberry Pi 2? Well, you can’t – but it now supports OpenGL!

An experimental OpenGL driver makes hardware accelerated OpenGL possible on the Raspberry Pi, meaning some 3D games can now run smoothly on the tiny PC.
AOL Instant Messenger

Relive early 90s software today, thanks to The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is offering up over one thousand ancient apps and games from the Windows 3.1 era. Try classics like Free Ski and Minesweeper.
identity theft taxes irs hacked united states american 1040 social security number ssn

Identity thieves used thousands of stolen SSNs to generate IRS e-filing pins

Armed with malware and over 400,000 stolen Social Security Numbers, attackers managed to generate 101,000 e-filing PINs before being shut down by the IRS.
Intel Compute Stick Cherry Trail 2016

Intel Compute Stick (Cherry Trail 2016) review

microsoft headquarters

Microsoft issues a reminder that those unsolicited callers aren’t from Microsoft

Microsoft celebrates Safer Internet Day with a generic list of security advice. Here's hoping next year it gives users some concrete steps to take.
google drive free storage security checkup smartphone featured

Get 2 free GB of Google Drive storage by reviewing your security settings

Google wants you to review your security settings, and is willing to give you 2GB of free storage just for checking. Here's how to review your settings.
java installer binary planting exploit oracle sign headquarters hq

Oracle says your old Java executable might install malware

If you've got an old Java installer sitting in your downloads folder, delete it. Oracle announced old installers are vulnerable to binary planting.
Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.

Conspiracy theorists think this ancient Greek statue depicts a laptop user

Conspiracy theorists think time travelers brought laptops back to the Greeks, pointing to a marble statue to make their point. It was probably just a chest.
asrock killed overclocking intel skylake nonk gaming motherboard

ASRock kills unique BIOS feature that could overclock any Intel processor

An ASRock firmware update removes Sky OC, a feature that overclocked non-K Intel Skylake processors. No reason was given, but pressure from Intel is likely.
starz launches new standlone streaming app windows 10 tv and movies family watching

Windows 10’s default video player utterly destroys VLC in battery life

Seemingly lightweight alternatives like VLC and Media Player Classic actually use more battery power than Microsoft Movies & TV, a PC World test reveals.
google said to be planning new messaging app that uses ai headquarters sign

Google's Project Zero publicly shames Malwarebytes for poor update security

Malwarebytes updates are offered over unencrypted HTTP, which Google's Project Zero says leaves users vulnerable. A fix is reportedly on the way.
osz trion 150 affordabile solid state drive trion150 image

Fifty bucks for a 120GB SSD? OCZ revamps its budget drives

OCZ updated its Trion line of solid state drives, offering a 120GB SSD for just $50, with read speeds of 550 megabytes per second.
Windows 10

Ready or not, here comes Windows 10! Latest OS is now a recommended update

Microsoft made Windows 10 a "Recommended Update" for Windows 7 and 8 users, meaning the software will download automatically.
best chromebooks version 1445471851 acer chromebook 15

Material Design is coming to Chrome, here’s how to try it out

Google is bringing Material Design, its signature look for Android and mobile apps, to the desktop version of Chrome. Here's how you can get a preview.
hsbc outage uk tax deadline bank headquarters hq building logo

Brits panic to file taxes as major banking website goes down

The first payday of 2016 wasn't a great one for U.K. customers of HSBC, who couldn't access their accounts. Today is also a tax deadline in the U.K.