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ben wheatley minecraft free fire

Group of kids earn $15,000 scholarship by playing Minecraft

A five-person team aged 10 to 14 can now split $15,000 toward their college funds after winning a Minecraft competition. 450 teams participated.
steam controllers redesign captured pictures controller 5

Did a California congressman really drop $1,300 on Steam purchases?

Representative Duncan D. Hunter, a California Republican, had $1,302 of Steam spending on his campaign disclosure, prompting an FEC investigation.
Man wearing headphones and looking at monitor.

Windows 10 leaps ahead of 7 among Steam gamers

Windows 10 is behind Windows 7 in overall marketshare, but is winning in among Steam gamers. Cutting-edge users are embracing Microsoft's latest OS.
FCC Tom Wheeler Net Neutrality

The FCC votes to subsidize broadband for Americans living near the poverty line

Broadband access isn't a luxury, according to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: it's necessary for modern life. Should that tool be subsidized?
coffee shop wifi

‘No Wi-Fi beyond this point’: new tech could block access based on location

A team at MIT can track the location of Wi-Fi users to a couple of decimeters, even on networks with only one access point. This could help block hackers.
xamarin free part of visual studio build conference dn469161 1 swimlane image

Developers cheer as Microsoft takes Xamarin cross-platform development free, open-source

hololens mixed reality work tool object theory building mode

Collaborating with holograms: Could ‘mixed reality’ be the future of telecommuting?

A HoloLens app could allow workers to collaborate in 'mixed reality,' attending meetings using Microsoft's augmented reality headset.
windows 10 anniversary update 2016 new features build 1 print

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is coming this summer, adds a bunch of new features

Windows 10 Anniversary edition includes new features for Windows Ink and Windows Hello. Win32 applications are coming to Windows Store as well.

Baltimore hospital group shut down entire network to fight malware threat

MedStar Health, a chain of hospitals based in Baltimore, shut down their entire IT infrastructure to fight off a malware attack. No data was compromised.
microsoft holoportation

Microsoft ‘holoportation’ lets you share a room with a faraway friend

Imagine talking to a friend halfway across the world and feeling like you're in the same room. A Microsoft Hololens demo promises just that.
migrate evernote to onenote transfer

Tired of Evernote? Here’s how to quickly migrate everything over to OneNote

Curious about OneNote, but use Evernote? Well, Microsoft has a tool for migrating content between the two. Here's how it works, and why you should try it.
14 problems mac os x 10 11 el capitan fix apple osx hero

Zero-day exploit can bypass rootless on Mac to modify the system without detection

System Integrity Protection, or rootless, was supposed to protect users from unauthorized changes to the system. Turns out it's not exactly bulletproof.
microsoft headquarters

Macro viruses are back, but Office 2016 has a new feature that can help

If your'e a network administrator worried about macro viruses, a new feature in Office 2016 can help. It lets you disable macros in downloaded documents.
poseidon z touch spacebar gestures gaming keyboard thumbnail

Use touch gestures on the spacebar with the Poseidon Z Touch gaming keyboard 

Your thumbs are sitting on the spacebar already, so why not use them to perform multitouch gestures? That's the idea behind the new Poseidon Z Touch.
apple ios developer academy logo

Apple isn’t aquiring GPU-maker Imagination Technologies, despite widespread rumors

Talk of Apple acquiring GPU designer Imagination Technologies sent stock prices soaring, but a statement makes clear that Apple isn't following through.
LG Gram 15 Z960

LG Gram 15 Z960 review

cooler master masterkeys pro rgb cherry mx series 3

Cooler Master's new MasterKeys Pro series lights up with full RGB LEDs

Cooler Masters is releasing a new line of mechanical gaming keyboards, the MasterPro Series, offering Cherry MX switches and full RGB lighting.
Netgear Nighthawk AC2600 router-top

Netgear Nighthawk X4S review

World of Warcraft

Warcraft III also getting patched as Blizzard continues work on its classic titles

Blizzard announced an official patch for Warcraft III, a strategy game released in 2002. This comes just days after a patch for Diablo II was released.
obama sxsw encryption apple fbi south by southwest

Obama urges techies to compromise on encryption

Speaking at SXSW is Austin, Texas, President Barack Obama urged techies to not be "absolutists" when it comes to encryption on smartphones and beyond.
diablo ii patch windows 10 mac el capitan 2 pc arpg blizzard

Blizzard just patched Diablo II, a game that came out 16 years ago

Diablo II should be easier to run on Windows 10 and Intel Macs, thanks to a patch from Blizzard. The game was first released in 2000, an eternity ago.
MacBook 2015

MacBooks will be getting Intel’s super-fast Optane drive tech, too

Intel's Optane drives feature 3D Xpoint, a new storage technology that's 1000 times faster than current solid state drives. And MacBooks could get it first.
best browser internet explorer vs chrome firefox safari edge version 1462213626 opera laptop pc mac os

Opera is testing a built-in ad blocker that encourages people to use it

Opera, a browser with a two-percent share of desktop users, is testing an ad blocker in its developer build. It encourages users to turn blocking on.
samsung vr million cingo gear

Oculus adds virtual reality trivia, Facebook integration to the Samsung Gear

Oculus is adding social games to the Samsung Gear VR, meaning you can play trivia with friends in VR right now. There's also brand new Facebook integration.
lenovo android yoga laptop tablet store storefront sign hq headquaters

Leaks suggest Lenovo will soon release an Android 2-in-1 laptop

A recent leak suggests Lenovo has an Android laptop on the way with a 10-inch, full HD display, 2GB of memory, and an Intel Cherry Trail processor.
are the new i7 macbooks hot enough to boil water 500x macbookcorei723

Have a 2010 MacBook Pro? Sorry, it's now obsolete, according to Apple

Apple added the 2010 Macbook Pro to their list of vintage devices, meaning it's going to be hard to find parts for the laptop outside California and Turkey.
users heard the windows 95 startup music for first time 20 years ago today

Teenagers react to Windows 95, cannot imagine what their elders endured

None of today's teens were alive for the launch of Windows 95. Watch a few react to that operating system, and mid-90s technology, in this video.
cerber ransomware creepy voice encrypted files looking over the shoulder of a man typing on keyboard in dark

The latest ransomware threat announces itself out loud with a creepy computer voice

Cerber is the latest ransomware to spread around the Web, and announces itself in a unique way: speaking out loud using a creepy computer voice.
waiting too long for your oculus rift buy a bundle sale feature

No Rift support for Mac until ‘Apple releases a good computer,’ says Oculus founder

Wondering if the Oculus Rift will work with your Mac? Oculus founder Lucky Palmer says no, because no Mac currently on the market is powerful enough.
microsoft restrict windows 10 app limit

After only 6 months, Windows 10 tops 8, XP in market share

Windows 10 is now gaining one percent of the PC user base each month, allowing it to edge out Windows 8 for market share just six months after release.
Samsung T3 2TB SSD

Samsung T3 2TB Portable SSD review

samsung portable ssd t3 2tb mainfull2

You can now buy a 2TB solid state external drive that’s barely larger than a thumb drive

If you feel a need for speed when it comes to file transfers, it's going to cost you. Samsung's Portable SSD T3 is out now, and costs $850 for 2TB of data.
western digital helium hard drives 8tb drive

You can buy an 8TB WD helium drive right now for $300, if you want

Helium drives have been available in the enterprise market for years. Now Western Digital is bringing the technology, which reduces wear, to consumers.
Linksys EA7500

Linksys EA7500 Max-Stream AC1900 review