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Kate Conger

Kate Conger

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Kate is a freelance writer who covers digital security. She has also written about police misconduct, nail polish, DARPA research, and sex work.

how much is spotify premium

Spotify’s intrusive privacy policy allows the collection of photos, sensor data, and more

Spotify's Orwellian new privacy policy wants access to users' contacts, photos, GPS data, and sensor data, and will share the data with advertisers.
jeb bush strong views apple watch jebbushemails

Jeb Bush supports NSA expansion and opposes encryption

Jeb Bush spoke up in favor of the NSA, saying he would support its expansion. He also criticized tech companies for not providing access to encrypted data.
apple patent invalid samsung case shutterstock 218533267

Apple loses more ground in patent case against Samsung, as key patent is invalidated

Apple's patent case against Samsung suffered another blow as the US Patent and Trademark Office declared that one of the company's patents is invalid.
john kerry says china and russia are probably reading his emails shutterstock 250391185

John Kerry says China and Russia are probably reading his emails

Secretary of State John Kerry said his emails have "very likely" been accessed by China and Russia and that he is careful about what he puts in writing.
hacked press releases 100m shutterstock 300528803

Hackers stole press releases to help insider traders earn millions

Hackers and stock traders teamed up to steal unpublished corporate press releases, then used the information to make illegal trades that earned up to $100m.
doordash presidential election menu hillary clinton

Clinton’s encryption remark makes Silicon Valley nervous

Hillary Clinton stepped into the ongoing debate over encryption during a town hall in New Hampshire, leaving tech companies wondering about her intentions.
how to save text messages

Despite FBI whining, iMessage isn’t invincible after all, researcher claims

The FBI has claimed that criminals are "going dark" behind a wall of encryption, but security researchers aren't convinced.
Facebook Smart Phone App

Facebook patent could allow lenders to examine your friends’ credit scores

Facebook obtained an updated patent on Tuesday that will allow lenders to analyze borrowers' social connections and offer or deny loans accordingly.
boing fbi subpoena tor guide 970x0

Boing Boing beats FBI subpoena for Tor exit node

When the blog Boing Boing received a subpoena regarding its Tor exit node from the FBI, it fought back — and won.
The Netflix logo on a tablet screen.

Customers flood the FCC with thousands of Net neutrality complaints

Internet users are demanding that the Federal Communications Commission crack down on Internet service providers to enforce a new Net neutrality law.
chief keef hologram performance shut down indiana chicago

Indiana police squelch rapper Chief Keef’s hologram performance

Police pulled the plug on a hologram performance by Chief Keef after one song because Chicago's mayor claimed the performance would promote violence.
ddos cosby victims story nymag shutterstock 216030211

Hacker takes down website with stories of alleged Cosby victims

Parts of New York magazine's website were temporarily offline after the publication launched a story about victims of Bill Cosby's alleged sexual abuse.
france surveillance big brother shutterstock 233999509

France approves ‘Big Brother’ surveillance law

France has expanded its surveillance capabilities to include warrantless wiretapping and the installation of secret recording devices in private homes.
uber takes down searchable database with exact trip location date and time information hit  7 million fine in california regu

Uber wins war against de Blasio — for now

Government officials in New York will not limit how many new drivers Uber can add to its fleet. Mayor de Blasio had proposed to cap Uber's growth.
deepmind nhs records legal dispute medical hacked

4.5 million patient records were accessed in UCLA hack

UCLA Health officials announced Friday that hackers accessed a network that stores the information of 4.5 million patients.
opm hack threat employee retirement

Officials worried that China may recruit spies thanks to the 21.5 million person hack

The government will only recover from the Office of Personnel Management hack when all of the affected employees retire, former intelligence officials said.
Steve Huffman

Reddit’s new CEO plans to restrict NSFW content, and ban harmful subreddits

Under fire from Reddit's community, CEO Steve Huffman announced that the site is considering new restrictions on illegal, threatening, and explicit content.
uk will not ban encryption david cameron

Decode this: The U.K. says it doesn’t want to ban encryption after all

UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he does not intend to ban encrypted messaging apps despite his earlier statements to the contrary.
reddits new ceo faces offensive content controversy in ama steve huffman reddit

Reddit’s new CEO will discuss the site’s ‘dark side’ in AMA

Reddit's co-founder and new CEO Steve Huffman will face questions from the site's users about its offensive content policy in an Ask Me Anything session.

The FBI has shut down hacking forum Darkode and indicted 70 members

The FBI announced today that it has shut down an online hacking forum called Darkode, which it described as "almost like a think tank for cyber criminals."