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Kate Conger

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Kate is a freelance writer who covers digital security. She has also written about police misconduct, nail polish, DARPA research, and sex work.

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Spotify’s intrusive privacy policy allows the collection of photos, sensor data, and more

In a move that has sparked controversy for those concerned about personal privacy, Spotify's Orwellian new privacy policy wants access to users' contacts, photos, GPS data, and sensor data, and will also share the data with advertisers.

Jeb Bush supports NSA expansion and opposes encryption

Jeb Bush spoke up in favor of the NSA, saying he would support its expansion. He also criticized tech companies for not providing access to encrypted data. He argued that data collection helps keep Americans safe.

Apple loses more ground in patent case against Samsung, as key patent is invalidated

Apple's patent case against Samsung suffered another blow as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office declared that one of the company's patents is invalid. Samsung may not have to pay Apple as much money in damages.

Hackers stole press releases to help insider traders earn millions

Hackers and stock traders teamed up to steal unpublished corporate press releases. The culprits then used the information to make illegal trades that earned up to $100 million. Traders even requested specific companies' info from the…

Clinton’s encryption remark makes Silicon Valley nervous

Hillary Clinton stepped into the ongoing debate over encryption during a town hall in New Hampshire, leaving tech companies wondering about her intentions. She has yet to take a firm stance on either side of the issue.

Despite FBI whining, iMessage isn’t invincible after all, researcher claims

The FBI has claimed that criminals are "going dark" behind a wall of encryption on services like iMessage, but computer-security researcher Nicholas Weaver isn't convinced.